2017 Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake’s are evolving, there is no doubt about that. Everytime I am on Pinterest I see another cake  breaking the boundaries of traditional wedding cakes whilst becoming even more beautiful. 

Here are some of my favourite ideas for 2017 wedding cakes that I have come across this week.

Anyone for cake & a cup of tea? 







Tonal Wedding Cakes

Good evening bridies. If you, like me, are getting ready to head back to work tomorrow then it isn’t a great prospect, so to brighten up your evening I thought I would talk about something we all know and love. Cake. 😍

As a bride, if you are having a colour theme, you often jump straight into using that colour as the main colour of your cake (obv!). So did I (below) and I loved it! However, more and more tonal cakes are appearing on Pinterest and I love them! 

 (My own Wedding Cake – definitely not tonal, just two colours)

“Tonal cakes” (as I am now christening them), bring in different tones relative to your chosen colour. Think of the mother-of-the-bride outfit.Rather than choosing your bridesmaid colour, tradition is that you go along with a tone of the bridesmaid colour.  


A wedding fit for Instagram

A Moldovian model for a bride and an Egyptian Billionaire for a groom. You know this wedding is going to be epic.   
 Xenia Deli and Osama Al-Sharif tied the knot in none other than the beautiful island of Santorini.
The beautiful bride wore Zuhair Murad teamed with a sleek ponytail and extravagant make up created by Andrey Loos

 The bride looked every inch the princess with the stunning island back drop and beside her, her bridesmaids dressed in full length, haute couture Walter Collection dresses. 
Photos from Instagram (@XeniaDeli) & Facebook (@WeddedWonderland).

Linda and Darren

I was taken back by Linda’s beautiful photos when she sent them too me. There were just far too many to pick from so I thought I would include them all 🙈.

“It’s dangerous asking a newly wed to send through her favourite photos” 



 Linda & Darren married on Saturday 5th December 2015 in the middle of Storm Desmond! The wedding was held at Scarva Presbyterian Church and reception at Brownlow House, Lurgan. 

“My dress was by Ronald Joyce from Bramble Brides in Cookstown. My headpiece and earrings were from Gibson BespokeS.A.K Designs did make up (miracle worker) and Niamh and Rebecca from Joanne McKelvey Hair, Banbridge looked after our hair.

Linda’s beautiful bridesmaid dresses were actually spotted by her sister on Pinterest. Eventually she tracked them down to Caris Closet in Malahide (we now have a Belfast store too 😍).   

“Boys suits were from Groom Formal Hire, Banbridge.   


“My florist was Kathryn from the The Posy Barn, Waringstown, she is amazing!!”



My sister designed and made our beautiful cake, Elaine of Young’s Buns!!


I am in love with your pictures Linda! Marie did an amazing job, you would never know the weather was horrendous that day!

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Photography by  Marie Allen, Portadown. Videographer by Carl Higgins Media.

Watch Linda & Darren’s Wedding Videography by Carl Higgins Media here.

I’m probably going to line myself up to get linched by saying this but I kind of feel like wedding cake styles went a little stale in 2014/15. They are still amazing and we are blessed with INCREDIBLE bakers in Northern Ireland who really do lead the way in design but if 2016 has taught us anything so far it’s that cake design has taken a sharp turn. 

Brides and grooms will have the pleasure of having some amazing new emerging tricks and techniques applied to their cake design this year. To show you what I mean I have included some of my favourite new designs below. Enjoy! 


Wedding Planner vs Wedding Venue Co-Ordinator

I get asked this question a lot and many couples do not realise that Wedding Planners and Venue Wedding Co-ordinators are entirely different.

The main difference between the two is that as your Wedding Planner, I work directly for you. A Venue Wedding Co-ordinator works for the venue. We both invest a great deal of time and interest into your big day but mine is for your entire Wedding Planning whilst the Venue Wedding Co-ordinators is to ensure that the meal is served on time, the venue routine flows smoothly and suppliers adhere to the venues rules.
As your Wedding Planner, I can be on hand from the minute you say “I Will.” This is perfect for couples who are hugely busy with work or young children, who are confused and lost by the process or just want the reassurance of having a Planner with experience in the industry. 

 It’s a misunderstood pre-conception that Wedding Planners are a huge expense – we aren’t! In the scheme of Weddings we can actually be substantially cheaper than our counterparts yet spend the longest amount of time working on and at your big day. As we do not work of a set list of “recommended” suppliers, like your venue, we are actually able to source the “best of the best” at the best price.

A Wedding Planner can become involved from the get go to assist in design schemes, venue choosings or we can come in right until two weeks before the Wedding to assist the Bride and Groom in the smooth running of their day. From timelines to emergency kits, we have it covered. This is perfect to take the stress away from you to allow you to enjoy your day. Wedding Venue Co-ordinators are usually there on your first look around the venue and work with you in paying for your day. You often do not see them again until around two weeks before the wedding for final arrangements – something a planner can step in and do for you. 


Can a Wedding Planner fit into your budget?

As a Wedding Planner and Co-ordinator I offer a range of different packages for multiple reasons. Some brides want to plan the whole day themselves but want the reassurance of someone there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Others have very busy lifestyles; whether it be because of young children or work. They may not have the confidence in choosing suppliers as they do not know were to start in planning, therefore they may want the full package where I assist from engagement through to the Wedding Day. For others, it comes down to budget and they may wish to meet with me only a few times to go over any questions or receive any advice I may have.

Whatever your reason or package, each of my clients will receive my undivided attention to ensure their day is unique and perfect for them.

Wedding Advice and Guidance

Some couples only wish to meet with me a few times to ask me any questions they may have or to receive advice and guidance on what they have organised. For those clients, the Wedding Advice and Guidance package is perfect. It includes 3 1hr sessions for you to question Jenna as much as you please and it can be via Skype or in person.

From £75

On the Day Wedding Planning

This package covers the bride and groom handing the details of their big day over to the co-ordinator around two weeks before the wedding. Then on the day, all they have to do is enjoy themselves. The co-ordinator is responsible for making sure the timeline flows, the day runs smoothly, the band sets up on time (and in the right place) and the flowers and reception room are set up as the couple wants them.

This is perfect for those clients who want to be fully involved in their planning but don’t want the stress of ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

From £350

The “Plan My Wedding” Package

There is no doubt about it, Wedding Planning can be hugely overwhelming. As a couple, how do you choose which photographer to use. Who do you trust and how do you know you aren’t paying the earth? This is where a Wedding Planner comes in. Jenna can suggest suppliers who suit your style and budget. She can arrange meetings for you and assist in budgeting. From picking a venue to coordinating meetings and receiving RSVPs, Jenna can be as much or as little involved as you require.

From £750

 To discuss these packages further with Jenna, you can contact her via email: jennaanniehill@gmail.com

Who did I use: The Flowers

I always tell brides. You are allowed to go over board on one thing – that’s the fun in planning a wedding. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in sticking to a budget so make sure you allow yourself to go a little wild on one aspect. For me it was my flowers.

I always knew I would use House of Elliott in Lisburn for my flowers. There was just no competition for me personally as I always bought bouquets there for special occasions and they always looked second to none.  

I had my consultation with Karen around a year before the wedding – I wanted to make sure I got that date. We talked over the style of flowers I wanted, prices, my budget and how the flowers would work on the day. Before my consultation, I stalked Pinterest so I knew exactly what I wanted which may the whole process so simple. Karen showed me pictures upon pictures of past brides whose flowers were executed to perfection so I knew I’d made the right choice.

On the day, the bouquets and hair pieces were delivered to the house and everyone wished the girls and I well. They were perfect, even better than I imagined. When I arrived at the church I was taken back by how beautiful they were. House of Elliott used all of our flowers in the church as well as the venue, so nothing was wasted. Our pew ends served as small centre pieces at our reception, whilst the larger table centres were placed at the entrance at the church. The urns, well they really do speak for themselves. They were spectacular.  

House of Elliott were so discreet on the day, I never needed to worry if they would be on time or if everything was as I wanted, it just was. Nothing needed adjusted and the smell filled the room.

If you haven’t chosen your florist yet then definitely do consider House of Elliot. I cannot promote them enough for the amazing job they did! 


Photography by Angel Photography

Dress by Enzoani from Petticoat Lane

Venue: Manor House Enniskillen

Suits: Remus


Who Did I Use: The Photographer

Picking my photographer was easy. Honestly. In the era of social media (particularly Instagram!) you can very easily see which photographer has the still you want to go for.

I was blessed to meet Andrea from Angel Photography at a wedding show and we hit it of straight away. Although I had previously spoken to a few other photographers and had consultations with them, I didn’t feel as comfortable with any as what I did with Andrea. 

 After first meeting her I trawled through her Facebook page and just loved her previous weddings. Things were made even better when we had our engagement shoot. The whole thing was so natural and Carl and I just had so much craic throughout it – we almost forgot Andrea was there. This put me more at ease as I knew my dad hated photos. 

 On the day Andrea was a dream. We only spent around 90 mins away from our guests getting photos, the rest were totally natural, just how we wanted them. We worked with Andrea before the day to establish which photos were must haves so on the day when she wasn’t with us she made sure to nab those shots. Our guests loved her so much some even booked Andrea for family photos. 

If you are still looking for a photographer definitely check out Angel Photography. You will not be disappointed 😍. 


How Do You Pick?

I continually get asked which suppliers I used for my wedding. From the photographer to the dress and sometimes people can almost be afraid to ask – but don’t be! Although I absolutely never booked a supplier for my wedding at a wedding show, they always gave me great ideas of who I wanted to use. I would then go away and do my research:

  • Do I know anyone that used them that I could ask?
  • Do bloggers use them or promote them.
  • Check out their social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – do I like their style?
  • Have they been involved in any photoshoots. If so, did I like it?
  • Were they nice at the show or to talk to for the first time?

  If I couldn’t lay down a deposit after answering these questions, then that person wasn’t for me and I went on the hunt again. 

We are so lucky in N.I. to have an amazing array of talented people working in the wedding industry but that makes it even more difficult for couples. So I’m here to help! 

 Over the next few weeks I’m going to give you the low down on who I used for my wedding, the reasons behind why I loved them and if I would do anything differently.

Hopefully it helps a little!

  Remember, I also plan weddings, so if you are finding you are totally lost, don’t have the time or just need someone to help along the way for reassurance then let me know!

Jenna x

How Important is it to Have a Plan?

I cannot stress this enough… do not go into planning your wedding blind. If you aren’t employing a Wedding Planner, then it’s time to get a plan in place.

I will never forget after shortly being engaged and having my engagement party I went to one of the bigger wedding shows… I came out gurning! I have never been so overwhelmed and panicked! Wedding vendors were talking 1000s+ about stuff I had absolutely no clue about and all of a sudden my dream wedding became a blur. 

 In Northern Ireland and Ireland, we are blessed to have some absolutely amazing vendors. From photographers to photobooths, light up letters to  wedding cars sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, who to trust and even what style you want your day to have.

The most important part of it all is to have a plan. Sit down with your other half and list the following:

  • Your 5 non-negotiables- things you wouldn’t get married without
  • What style you want your big day to be
  • Your overall budget
  • Your timeline

Budgeting & Non-Negotiables

Done? Ok now split your budget amongst your non-negotiables, the remaining goes to everything else. This is were you sometimes need to reign him in as well. No, spending 10k on a poker table and chips is not acceptable nor a good use of your budget. If you aren’t sure how much to budget, then get in touch and I’ll be happy to help! 


Now that your budget is set and your theme is picked you have more information to tackle a wedding show. Look up your ideas, Pinterest is now your best friends. Get a secret pin board and keep it to yourself. Then when you have found your vendors, you can show them your ideas.


Sticking to your timeline is hard enough. Sometimes life just gets in the way but it’s important not to get too distracted. Make sure 4-6 months before the big day you have all of your vendors. For most this is even too short notice as they can book up two years in advance, so this is definitely to be taken as a minimum! 

 By planning the three most important aspects of your wedding, your budget, style and timeline, you will always have something to work off. These are your basics and certainly won’t plan your wedding for you but they will make sure you know your stuff and have a plan for attack!

Semi-Permanent Eye Lashes vs Strip Lashes

Ok so it isn’t the ultimate question in the fore front of your mind for your wedding day but it’s still big (enough).

Ultimately for me, this question comes down to style. Your style and the style of your big day.


False lashes are the easiest of the two, the least maintenance but the most false looking. Now that isn’t a bad thing and they were the option I went for on my big day. False lashes are beneficially as they provide a definite lash line and can enhance your eye make up in comparison to semi-permanent lashes. They are also the cheapest and can cost only around £5 extra on top of your MUA fees. 


Semi-permanent lashes are extensions which are bonded on to ones on eyelashes using glue. They are removed either by a beautician or when your own eyelashes fall out naturally (around 60-90 days). Unfortunately though people tend to pick them off or if the glue isn’t strong they can fall of or pull out your own lashes – hence its very important to make sure someone professional is completing the treatment.

Semi-permanent lashes are more natural looking as they are attached to your own lashes and merely fill out your own lashes – perfect for someone aiming for a more natural look. It’s best to have these done a few days before your wedding and they range from £40+ depending on professionalism but remember, you get what you pay for. 

With that in mind, what are your preferences?