Make Up Artists in Northern Ireland

Trusting your face to someone on your Wedding Day is no minor detail – as much as your husband-to-be may think that it is (Carl couldn’t understand why I just wasn’t doing my own!). So choosing someone, takes time & often a little money. It is massively important that you get a trial before your big day to ensure that the MUA you choose creates a look which you are happy with but that also suits the overall look you have created for your Wedding Day. After all, for how many years are you going to look back on these photographs?

With this being said, there are many, many talented make up artists  (MUA’s) in Northern Ireland. Each will have a different style so its important that you take the time to look through their previous weddings and make the most of your trial. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to have a hair and make up trial on a day you will be trying on your dress. You don’t want what you are going to look like to be a surprise on your Wedding Day.

With all that being said her are a few wedding MUA’s based in NI that I am a fan off.


  1. Jennifer Ireland.

Jennifer only takes one booking per day so you know when you entrust her, that you will have her undivided attention for the morning of your wedding. She always has the most beautiful brides and I am forever creeping on her Facebook page!

078 8096 6574

2. Lauren Rowan

If you haven’t heard of Lauren Rowan, then honestly I don’t know where you have been for the last few years. Lauren is amazingly talented, and since becoming a MUA and HD Brow specialist, she has ventured into opening her own make up school.,

028 9048 2000

3. Paddy McGurgan

For me, Paddy McGurgan & his Pro Store team are like the original MUA’s in Belfast. This team know exactly what they are doing and have it down to a fine art.

028 9043 4007

4. Louise Jones

Louise completed the make up for my first ever photoshoot and I was immediately in love. We had talked about what the overall look was for the shoot and she just ran with it & nailed it!

078 4187 1171

Have you anyone else you would recommend?


Champagne Lifestyle on Coca Cola Wages

Saving for a Wedding but still trying to maintain any form of a reasonable lifestyle is not fun! Especially if your friends aren’t saving and they still insist on their weekly night out and three weekly nail appointment. Meanwhile you are counting every penny, be it for your new house, hen party, honeymoon or Wedding Day. I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt… it isn’t fun! However, having a life and saving simultaneously is possible!

Carl and I are saving non-stop at the minute to build our first home but the thought of not getting another break until Christmas is slightly depressing, so this week I went on a mission to find a trip away that I could justify whilst saving and I booked two!

Top tip number one. Sky Scanner is your new best friend.

The first trip we booked was to Alicante. My family were already heading out in September so Carl and I sneakily booked on to gatecrash them. To get to where they are staying I googled it and found we could fly to Alicante or Murcia as both were the same distance to the apartment. We tried from both Belfast and Dublin and got our flights return for £84! (See similar below). As we have been there before, we know that the taxi journey to and from the airport is £80 return and with family staying in the villa and us tagging along the accommodation is costing £0! 


Total cost? £164 for a week in the sun! See you in two weeks Alicante!

The second trip we booked was London for some Christmas shopping (don’t hate me for mentioning Christmas!). Back to Skyscanner and we got return flights for £36 flying from Belfast to Stansted (see similar below). The flights to London fluctuate so much so make sure you watch them. We have got them for£25 return before (bargain!). We always stay in the St Giles when we go to London. The hotel is in the best location being just of Oxford St & Tottenham Court tube stations is right outside – really handy you want to do some sightseeing. For £100 each for two nights its really inexpensive and a bargain. However, if you wanted something fancier, watch ut on Travel Zoo & Secret Escapes as they always have really good London deals. The Stansted Express is really handy for jumping on from the airport and it was only £30 each. 

Total cost? £76 each for a weekend break. Christmas shopping is organised!

It’s so important to not let your saving take over your life and if you are anything like me you watch bloggers have the most amazing holidays and wish it was you. Saving & living isn’t impossible! 


Harriet Wilde @ Peony Bridal

Last week I headed down to Hillsborough to meet with Elsebeth & her mum from Peony Bridal. I love visiting Elsebeth as she always makes me feel so welcome in her store. We had a proper girlie catch up and it was lovely to hear how much Peony had grown over the past few months. 

When Elsebeth first emailed me about a catch up she entitled her email “Shoes Glorious Shoes” so I knew I was in for a little more excitement than usual and I was right. Peony are now stockists of the Harriet Wilde shoe range.

Harriet Wilde’s range of Wedding Shoes include both bespoke and ready to wear collections, of which Peony stock. I was so surprised at how comfortable the pairs I tried on were – I really didn’t want to take this little gold pair of my feet!   


Each pair is lovingly hand crafted in Spain using only the finest materials, each pair is embellished by hand in London. 


The satin shoes can be re-coloured to match your dress, or post ceremony to ensure the shoes are worn again.  

The pictures really do not do these little beauties justice and I have been raving about them ever since. I found thema little more special than the traditional wedding shoe in that they weren’t blatantly wedding shows meaning they are far more wearable. They were also very comfortable and majorly pretty. 


2017 Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake’s are evolving, there is no doubt about that. Everytime I am on Pinterest I see another cake  breaking the boundaries of traditional wedding cakes whilst becoming even more beautiful. 

Here are some of my favourite ideas for 2017 wedding cakes that I have come across this week.

Anyone for cake & a cup of tea? 






Tonal Wedding Cakes

Good evening bridies. If you, like me, are getting ready to head back to work tomorrow then it isn’t a great prospect, so to brighten up your evening I thought I would talk about something we all know and love. Cake. 😍

As a bride, if you are having a colour theme, you often jump straight into using that colour as the main colour of your cake (obv!). So did I (below) and I loved it! However, more and more tonal cakes are appearing on Pinterest and I love them! 

 (My own Wedding Cake – definitely not tonal, just two colours)

“Tonal cakes” (as I am now christening them), bring in different tones relative to your chosen colour. Think of the mother-of-the-bride outfit.Rather than choosing your bridesmaid colour, tradition is that you go along with a tone of the bridesmaid colour.  


A wedding fit for Instagram

A Moldovian model for a bride and an Egyptian Billionaire for a groom. You know this wedding is going to be epic.   
 Xenia Deli and Osama Al-Sharif tied the knot in none other than the beautiful island of Santorini.
The beautiful bride wore Zuhair Murad teamed with a sleek ponytail and extravagant make up created by Andrey Loos

 The bride looked every inch the princess with the stunning island back drop and beside her, her bridesmaids dressed in full length, haute couture Walter Collection dresses. 
Photos from Instagram (@XeniaDeli) & Facebook (@WeddedWonderland).

Time to get my Wedding body back! Quiche recipe 🍳

After starting back with Allan Davison last week and getting my measurements, wright & body fat measured we discovered I had two stone on from my wedding! TWO STONE! When they say you get “comfortable” after the wedding, they obviously weren’t wrong. I know, from having PT sessions with Allan before, not to listen to the scales and to pay attention to my body fat & measurements. I followed his guidance before and it paid off so I’m doing the same again this time!

My diet is woeful! So as well as the PT sessions I know I need to work very hard on what I’m eating and Allan is helping me re-learn everything. At each meal I am to have three things; protein, carbs & fats. Around a fist size portion of protein, scooped hand portion of carbs & only a thumb sized amount of fats. Easy? 😳

So with that in mind I’m getting food prepared today as I know over the holidays it will be way too tempting to nip out and grab a take out or head out for dinner. Normally though, I’ll probably just put on extra ingredients at dinner so that I can keep the extra for lunches the following day (another one of Allan’s tips!).

First up today was my Quiche. I absolutely love quiche & it is the easiest way for me to eat veg as I’m definitely not a veg person! Yes, I know the pastry is bad but it’s a low fat version and I don’t think I can drastically cut my carbs right down at the minute after being so unhealthy for so long!

Let me know what you think of this if you try it!


🍳 6 eggs

🍳 Low fat shortcrust pastry

🍳 8 bacon medallions

🍳 4 cherry tomatoes

🍳 handful of spinach 

🍳 handful of mozzarella 

🍳  dash of milk

1. Spritz your oven proof dish with low cal olive oil. 

 2. Line your dish with the shortcrust pastry leaving a little extra around the sides. Stab it a few times with a fork and cover this in grease proof paper. Put something heavy on top and pop it in the oven for around 20 mins (I used the oven proof peas).  

 3. While the pastry is in the oven dry off your bacon and cut into your desired size.

4. Whisk the eggs and add in salt, pepper and milk. Cut your tomatoes and spinach.

5. When the pastry is ready line the dish with the bacon, tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella. 

6. Pop it in the oven for around 20-25 mins or until a knife comes out clean.



Ashleigh & Glenn

When I first seen Ashleigh’s pictures I was so taken aback I had to stop what I was doing to have a proper Facebook creep – yes I can totally admit it. She definitely is my current bride crush!

Ashleigh and Glenn married on Saturday 4th June in Broomhedge Methodist Church followed by a reception in the beautiful Tankardstown House in Ireland. Their photos are the epitome of elegance and beauty in a beautiful 18th Century Manor House & Orangery. With an abundance of awards and trophies and the fact that the venue is still family owned, it’s obvious why Glenn and Ashleigh chose to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful surroundings. 

   Photography by Campbell’s Photography.

Ashleigh’s hair was created by Dani Belle whilst her make up was by Catherine Fleming and I think she looked absolutely amazing. I loved the simplicity of her look.

“My dress was Riki Dalal from forever bridal in Finaghy” and the bridesmaids were also from Forever Bridal.  

  Photography by Ashleigh & Glenn’s friends and family. 

The men’s suits were from Statement Menswear in Portadown with the wedding photography by The Campbells. 

   Photography by Ashleigh & Glenn’s friends and family. 

Massive congratulations Ashleigh & Glenn. You make a beautiful couple & I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you for letting me share your special day.

Did you count skin preparation into your Wedding budget?

Did you count skin preparation into your wedding budget? Just because something isn’t physically present on your big day doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t incorporate it into your plan and budget your finances towards it.

In preparation for my wedding I had regular facials to ensure my skin was top notch on the day. Although we can spend a great deal of time and money on make up artist trails, it’s important to realise that your skin needs to be healthy to show of that fantastic make up. It also means you will have beautiful skin on your honeymoon if you are going to fly off shortly after the big day.

So, here our my top tips for happy, healthy skin on your wedding day.


Drinking plenty of water is key to healthy skin. Drinking 2+ litres of water per day will ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing.


Choosing the wrong products for your skin will mean that you aren’t targeting any problems that you may have. Have your skin checked by a beautician who can identify your skins condition and what products you should be using – Skin Medi Spa is a fabulous salon based in Belfast who would be perfect for this.


Following up your new skin care regime with visits to your local beautician will help to intensify treated and hydrating your skin. Clinic or beauticians products can often be more intense and they may even use products you cannot buy on the highstreet. This also gives the professional a chance to monitor any improvements and monitor changes in the skin.


Treating your skin once or twice a week isn’t enough. This is a longer process which needs continuity therefore you need to be spending time looking after your skin. I always focus on my cleanser, toner and day moisturiser in the AM and cleanser, toner, face mask (every other day or every three) and night moisturiser in the PM.


Beauty products don’t need to cost a fortune so if you are on a budget don’t stress. We have some fantastic high street brands and most beauty counters will encourage you to try a sample at home before spending money on a huge bottle.


Monitor your progress with before and after pictures. It can often become a little repetitive doing the same thing day in and out and you can think it’s all pointless and see no change so keep a before and after pic so you can keep up-to-date.


Take your make up off every night. No excuses. So Sue Me recommended leaving face wipes by your bed so that at least if you are feeling too lazy to cleanse, tone and moisturise then you can strip of the make up. 

  Face mask time is the perfect selfie time 🙈

A weekly or twice weekly mask is super for your skin. I alternate between a few of my favourites depending on how my skin is. If I feel I need a little hydration I go for the Lancôme Hydra Intense otherwise it could be a highstreet brand or the Estée Lauder Revitalising Supreme.

I have posted a picture of the products below which I have just began using. I haven’t tried Lancôme before but I am loving their Hydra Intense mask. What are your favourite products? 


Roisin and Brian

The beautiful Roisin was married on 15th May last year on her and Brian’s seven year anniversary. 


I tried to go for something different with our bridesmaid dresses and had my heart set on 3 different colours, hoping it would go down well in a small village. 


 The mass was held in Roisin’s local church, St.Marys Swanlinbar, followed by a reception in the Slieve Russell Hotel, Ballyconnell, Co.Cavan. 

Unfortunately the weather didn’t stay on our side and we didn’t get to take our pictures in the beautiful gardens we had viewed but we were blessed with the beautiful interior of the hotel to get all our pictures.


Roisin looked beautiful in her Maggie Sottero dress from Serendipty in Fivemiletown. Her bridesmaids dresses were by True Bride from Perfect Day, Lurgan and flower girls and junior bridesmaid by True Bride in Creative Ideas, Cookstown. 


I wanted a princess wedding but keeping the class and making sure it was modern and young.

The men’s suits were from DTone in Cavan and those beautiful pastel flowers by McGarry Florist.   

 Hair by Eden Hair

Make up by Advanced Beauty

Jewellery & headpieces by Couture Bridal – Ellie Annion.

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

I’m probably going to line myself up to get linched by saying this but I kind of feel like wedding cake styles went a little stale in 2014/15. They are still amazing and we are blessed with INCREDIBLE bakers in Northern Ireland who really do lead the way in design but if 2016 has taught us anything so far it’s that cake design has taken a sharp turn. 

Brides and grooms will have the pleasure of having some amazing new emerging tricks and techniques applied to their cake design this year. To show you what I mean I have included some of my favourite new designs below. Enjoy! 


Wedding Planner vs Wedding Venue Co-Ordinator

I get asked this question a lot and many couples do not realise that Wedding Planners and Venue Wedding Co-ordinators are entirely different.

The main difference between the two is that as your Wedding Planner, I work directly for you. A Venue Wedding Co-ordinator works for the venue. We both invest a great deal of time and interest into your big day but mine is for your entire Wedding Planning whilst the Venue Wedding Co-ordinators is to ensure that the meal is served on time, the venue routine flows smoothly and suppliers adhere to the venues rules.
As your Wedding Planner, I can be on hand from the minute you say “I Will.” This is perfect for couples who are hugely busy with work or young children, who are confused and lost by the process or just want the reassurance of having a Planner with experience in the industry. 

 It’s a misunderstood pre-conception that Wedding Planners are a huge expense – we aren’t! In the scheme of Weddings we can actually be substantially cheaper than our counterparts yet spend the longest amount of time working on and at your big day. As we do not work of a set list of “recommended” suppliers, like your venue, we are actually able to source the “best of the best” at the best price.

A Wedding Planner can become involved from the get go to assist in design schemes, venue choosings or we can come in right until two weeks before the Wedding to assist the Bride and Groom in the smooth running of their day. From timelines to emergency kits, we have it covered. This is perfect to take the stress away from you to allow you to enjoy your day. Wedding Venue Co-ordinators are usually there on your first look around the venue and work with you in paying for your day. You often do not see them again until around two weeks before the wedding for final arrangements – something a planner can step in and do for you.