Quirky Wedding Show 2015

So the Quirky Wedding Show is currently in full swing. A ma-hoo-sive queue started forming from 11.20 to avail of the 500 half price tickets and from then brides and grooms have continually flocked and still are! 

 Stand by It’s Complicated, Sugar.

As I walked around the show before doors opened, you could barely get a chance to speak to exhibitors. Why? Because they put in so much time and effort into their stands with every little bit being scrutinised. You can be guaranteed to see the most authentic, quirky and over the top stands at Quirky Weddings! 

  Innocent Chaos, Roco & Miley The Flower Room Belfast

The vibe is unreal! This show has a buzz like no other. The N.I. “craic” between exhibitors is incredible and everyone is pulling together to get ready for the influx of couples and families that are about to arrive. 

  Papa J’s The Cake Parlour

Quirky Weddings is most definitely one of the most colourful shows out there. Traditionally, we associate wedding stands with pale beige, whites and pastels but this is not the case. The bigger, bolder and brighter are all welcomed and all held build the atmosphere between exhibitors and couples.  

 If you are still in need of booking wedding suppliers for your wedding or maybe just fancy nipping down to see if you have missed something, then Quirky is on until 5pm today at the Waterfront and it is not to be missed!


The must have girlie wedding photos πŸ‘­

In the run up to your big day, your photographer will ask for your “must have” photos. Normally these include one with gran and/or grandad, a full group shot, hen party group photo etc. However, brides often forget about those that are most involved in getting them to the aisle.

Some of my most favourite wedding album pictures are those of my bridesmaids, mum and I getting ready on the morning of the wedding. Some are hilariously funny whilst others bring a little tear to my eye, yet none of them were on my list as a “must have” photo – thanks Andrea (Angel NI).

So to help you all out, I have listed some of the most important, must have wedding photos you can get before saying I Do.

 Getting ready with your girls

Getting ready on the morning of my wedding really was a group effort and I love this little shot which captured the mayhem. Everyone pulled together to get 1 bride, 5 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and a MOB ready for the big day!     

That First Look

I love that Andrea from Angel NI was able to capture this shot of my mum the first time she seen me in my dress. I would never have remembered a moment like this so I love that I have this image to look back on.

The “Breather”

I cannot count the number of times I had my dress on before the big day yet the morning of your wedding it just feels totally different! This photo says it all. Phew. Almost there. 20 minutes to go. I’m starving. I will kill Carl if he’s late. All of the above flew through my head. 



The Interfering Mum

The one big thing that I loved about my wedding album was that Andrea captured all our personalities perfectly! This photo sums my mum up rightly… She can’t help but step in if something isn’t right and things always must be perfect. While I’m biting my tongue. In 23 years time we will still be the same πŸ™ˆ

Finishing Touches

No matter how perfect everything sits as you leave the house you will still have some final bits to fix at the Church. From mum to dad, bridesmaids to the guests I love seeing them fix my dress and veil as I missed those bits on the day!  

The Candid Shot of your One Last Thought

Can you tell I’m nervous? I never thought about those moments standing outside the church before I walked up the aisle yet they made some of the best “real life” shots.

So there you have it. You can be sure your photographer will capture a million emotions on the morning of your wedding and it’s lovely to look back and remember all of the feelings and thoughts. I can’t thank Andrea from Angel NI enough!

Here are some of my most favourite female only, Pinterest stalking wedding pictures to help you plan. 

Matching Outfits

How you met your maids 
The Flowers  

Wedding Morning Presents   

The “official” “we swear we are normal” shot


Or maybe not…  


Pamela and James Spring Wedding πŸ‘°πŸŒ»

Hello spring time!β˜€οΈπŸŒΊ

Thankfully I have had my first quiet weekend in what seems like forever and as much as I promised I wouldn’t commit to blogging this weekend I can’t help but write this post!

As I am currently staring outside, from my (very comfy!) sofa, at the prettiest day we’ve had in what seems like forever, I couldn’t help but remember one of the prettiest wedding’s I seen in 2014! And since, by the looks of it, we could have finally said goodbye to the frost and ice for the year ❄️⛄️ I find myself even more motivated to write this post on the beautiful Pamela’s spring wedding day!

Every time I look at pictures of Pamela’s wedding it just seems to put me in such a good mood! Picture this… a sunny day, β˜€οΈbridesmaids in yellow, daisy flowers, 🌻 a Beetle car with the roof down and an ankle length wedding dress πŸ‘°. How could it not make you happy?! The day just screams Summer, sunshine and happiness!






Not only was the day perfectly picturesque but it seemed like great “craic!” From the guys in their multicoloured socks to the selfie with wedding guests everyone seemed like they had a blast!









The Dress: Justin Alexander, Pronuptia
Bridesmaids: Jasmine by Belsoie, Petticoat Lane
Flower girl: Hand-made by Ann’s Alterations, based in Petticoat Lane
Suits: Autograph, Marks and Spencer
Photography: Roy Smyth Photography
Flowers: All Seasons, Dunmurry
Hair: Sharyn, Bleu Hair Moira
Make-up: Jillian Connor MUA
Reception: Belfast Castle

Congrats James and Pamela!
Wish you and your family a lifetime of happiness!

Belfast Bride x

The Quirky Wedding Show

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Cate Conway from The Quirky Wedding show and I just couldn’t help but blog about it! Here’s just a snippet of what I learnt about Quirky Weddings.


The best of the best. The Quirky Wedding show ethos is centred around only having the best of the best at their shows. Did you know they hand pick their exhibitors? With over 200 suppliers applying each year to exhibit at the show, Cate and Saima only choose the top 120 and they currently have a waiting list!

Variety. Within the 120 exhibitors the Quirky Wedding show, Cate and Saima play host to a set number of each type of supplier e.g. photographers. Within this set number Quirky Weddings have worked hard to ensure a diverse range of styles. From traditional to rustic you are sure to find what you need.

Friendly and helpful. It’s not often you meet someone who is genuinely lovely, down to earth and eager to help! Cate was all of these things with me and she is known for doing the same with her customers. Cate is known to help source random items for weddings and suggest companies and venues. She’s also been known to fix the odd wedding problem!

Diversity. No, not the dancers… actual diversity.Β  The Quirky Wedding show is not a bridal show. It is a wedding show! It’s for everyone! Gay, straight, man, woman, old, young, size 6 or size 22 YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!

Afraid you aren’t Quirky enough? Don’t be! The Quirky Wedding show is filled with the top exhibitors, with a variety of styles who are more than eager to help each and every person who walk through their doors. Don’t be afraid to stretch outside of the box.. If you want a batman cake ask for it! If you want a plain white Victoria sponge ask for it!


Quirky Weddings plays host to two wedding shows a year and their next show is on Sunday 1st March from 12-5pm at the Waterfront in Belfast. You will not be disappointed!

Belfast Bride xxx

10 things to do after you get engaged πŸŽ‰πŸ’

He popped the question, you said yes (or in my case squealed yes!) so now what do you do?

1. Tell the world!
After you’ve told all of your nearest and dearest there’s still a lot of other people who need to know. Although a FB status, Twitter post or Instagram pic would be the perfect way to tell everyone at once remember those who won’t see it! Your great aunt who doesn’t have FB won’t appreciate hearing from someone else! Make a list and make your way through it with your other half. Even recruit a parent to get through it quicker (they aren’t the shortest phone calls to make!) and then let the FB likes commence…


2. Get your ring sized.
If you had no idea he was about to pop the question then you may need to get your ring sized.. Although the movie fairytale are beautiful they aren’t reality and most of our other halves don’t exactly know ring sizes off hand especially for that finger you’ve probably never worn a ring on! So check out your local jeweller or even where he bought the ring form and drop it in. Although you won’t want it off your finger in most places it will only take up to a day max!

3. Get your ring insured!
No one likes the thought of loosing their engagement ring but bad things happen and it’s better to be prepared! Check out your house insurance as it may already be covered! If not get the ring insured!


4. Set a date!
After they’ve asked to see your ring and if you had any idea the next question will be.. When’s the big day? Sit down and think if you want a summer or winter, spring or autumn wedding? 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or longer? Have you any friends getting married and you don’t want to clash with their dates? Everyone loves to save the date so be prepared!

5. Let the planning commence!
Head to your local supermarket, buy every magazine on the shelves, check out bridal retailers pages, download Pinterest and off course creep on the Belfast Bride blog! You will be in fantasy land for the next few weeks so enjoy it! At this point you should also consider who you would really want in your bridal party! So many people will jump on the “pick me as a bridesmaid!” but remember.. The more you have the more it costs! Only have those you both truly want!! Write down everything you see that you want, every venue you want to look at, every dress shop you want to check out and torture everyone with your plans!

6. Get a planner!
Let’s be honest we all aren’t made of the big bucks so hiring a wedding planner isn’t practical but there are so many books and guides which will ease you through the planning process! A friend bought me mine for an engagement present and it was amazing! It kept me on track the whole way through making sure I never missed a thing (trust me.. there is a lot to cover!)


7. Saving! Saving! Saving!
A wedding isn’t going to be cheap! Unfortunately we can’t pay for it in happiness! So decide how much you and your other half can afford to save and start putting it away each month! The easiest way? Get a joint savings account (shock! Remember this is the start of married life so what’s his is yours!) and put money away each month! This way you always know how much you have and what you can afford.

8. Plan a party!
You ecstatic! You can’t wait! What better way to celebrate than to plan an engagement party! Choose a venue, write a list of everyone you want to share your special news with (keep this for your wedding invites too it’ll come in handy!), plan some music or entertainment and send out the invites!

9. Talk numbers!
After the excitement has passed it’s time to talk the nitty gritty! Have it in your head from the start what you can afford.. It’s very easy to get carried away when planning a wedding so by setting a budget for each item now you are more likely to stick to it later!

10. Relax!
After all that excitement… Chill! Head out for dinner, off to a spa or even get a takeaway with your other half (you are in savings mode now!) and enjoy being engaged. It’s the most special time full of excitement and happiness so make the most of it! It is the beginning of the rest of your lives as a new family ❀️


The Belfast Bride x

And in fourth place…..

Continuing on from my 5th favorite celeb bride of 2014 in fourth place…..

Lauren Conrad!!!

Lauren known famously for starring in U.S. Show The Hill we’d Willian Tell in California on Sept 13th 2014.


Of course the dress was going to be fabulous as fashion savvy Lauren never makes an error! She walked down the aisle in a simply elegant Badgley and Mischka gown composed of Chantilly lace and embroidered with pearls and crystals.

But the dress designing was not as plain sailing. As quoted in US magazine…

“The wedding dress initially featured long sleeves, but the bride decided she didn’t want them. “I felt like I couldn’t pull them off,” she tells Us Weekly, explaining that she told a confused tailor that she wanted them removed. “I was like, ‘Sir, if you don’t cut them off, I’m going to use my kitchen scissors and cut them.'”


The cutest part of all?

As a wedding present to one another, Tell gave Lauren an apple locket containing a tiny piece of the menu from their first date whilst she gave him an Omega Seamaster watch.