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I have sat down to write this page so many times and each time I am totally stumped. How on earth do I describe this blog? I initially started The Belfast Bride in 2013 as a creative outlet to share images and content that inspired me in the lead up to my wedding. Four years later, the blog has grown into something much, much more. Whilst developing the blog I grew as a person and as a wife, so it was time for a change.

Jenna Annie Hill the person is twenty five, currently in the process of building her first home, two years married, finally enjoying having a full time job after four years of university and managing life as a new mum with newborn baby Annie. In school and university, we digest textbooks to get through exams but no one teaches us how to get through life. Hence the blog. We can learn to get through it together. I love eating out, hotel stays, travelling, cocktails, beauty, being at home, spending time with friends, fashion and now spending time with my little Annie.. the same things every other young woman does, but as a Wedding Planner I am obsessed with weddings.

Jenna Annie Hill – The Wedding and Lifestyle Blog, pretty much covers everything in life. From life experiences to travelling, eating out to being invited to some pretty fancy events and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and hear all about yours.

In the past I have been blessed to work with amazing local companies such as Petticoat Lane Bridal, Skin Medi Spa, Peony Bridal, Angel NI Photography, Louise Jones MUA and many more.

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