Incorporating Greenery into your Wedding Day

2017 is definitely the year of greenery in weddings. This versatile tool can transform anything from a stair well to a table centrepiece and it can be incorporated into something bigger or used on its own to create that “wow” factor.

More and more, I am amazed at what florists can create using greenery and I am bringing it into my bridal consultations more regularly. It is often inexpensive in comparison to other floral alternatives but can be re-jigged from ceremony location to venue reception to create something different that gets your guests talking.

Here are some of my favourite ideas using greenery that I have been pinning this week. What are your thoughts?



My top 5 tips on why hiring a wedding planner is such a good idea!

Planning your wedding is often the craziest experience to date. It can be insanely overwhelming or incredibly exciting. The brides I meet through the blog often fall into two categories – “I have no idea what I’m doing” and “I think I might become a wedding planner full time!” With that being said, both groups can seriously utilise the help of a wedding planner! 

Here are my top 5 tips on why hiring a wedding planner is such a good idea!

1. A Wedding Planner can actually save you money
We do this everyday therefore we know how to budget, what to budget for, how to source the best deals and what pitfalls you shouldn’t fall in to! This leaves brides actually saving money overall on the cost of their big day.

2. Wedding Planners know how to keep things stress free

Wedding planners don’t go into the business of wedding planning if they can’t manage stress – and if they do, they won’t last long. Planning your wedding should not be a stressful experience so that is were we come in. We take away the stress of planning your big day whilst assisting you in the planning process.

3. We know all about budget control and can help you stick to budget

Managing a budget isn’t everyones strong point and often emotion can get in the way and encourage you to spend, spend, spend! However, spending money isn’t always the answer and sometimes money can be wasted therefore we can help you stick to your budget and advise you.

 4. Bespoke co-ordination of your day 

As a wedding planner I only have one wedding a week and limit myself to the number of weddings I work on per year therefore the work we do on your day is totally bespoke to you.

Although on your day you may have a venue co-ordinator or someone overseeing the floral set up, it is important to have a wedding planner who oversee’s your entire day ensuring that vendors turn up on time, to oversee timeline management and to act as a mediator (see below).

5. Mediator

Although we always hope not, sometimes things do not go to plan on a wedding day. Almost every wedding has their own crisis (if not more than one) so how would you manage this. From bath weather stopping vendors reaching the venue to vendors not showing up or leaving early I have it experienced it and crisis management kicks in leaving the bride and groom to enjoy their day.

For more info on my wedding packages visit or you can email me at

Getting married abroad

Are you considering getting married abroad but worried about family members not being able to make it? Do you want to get married in the sunshine but worried about the legal side of things? Here are my pros and cons of getting married abroad to helo you decide if it is for you or not.

Image from The Perfect Wedding Abroad


  • If you are considering marrying abroad it is often for the climate. Choosing to marry away means you are almosy guaranteed good weather meaning you are able to take your vows outside.
  • You can get married in an exotic location different to any friends or family who may be getting married around the same time as you.
  • Marrying abroad is very often less expensive than UK or Irish weddings.
  • A smaller guest list means you can invite only those that you truly want to attend. 
  • N.I. has plenty of fully trained and knowledgeable travel agents who can book almost everything for you.
  • Weddings abroad booked through travel agents often have full packages including flowers, cake etc so no need to worry about the organising entailed in having a wedding at home.
  • Imagine the wedding photos. Wow!


  • Not everyone may be able to make it. A friend of mine couldn’t make her sisters wedding as she was in her third trimester and couldn’t fly. Often people may not be able to afford the flights and accomodation or cannot get time of work. If you are booking your wedding for during term time families often nay not be able to go.
  • You may offend people by not inviting everyone you would invite to a home wedding however the best way to counteract this is to have a homecoming party!
  • If you are a control freak you may struggle with not being able to be as involved in the planning.
  • Weddings abroad are often much smaller than at home – will you regret this later?
  • You can’t always be guaranteed amazing weather and if you are lucky remember that a wedding is a long, long day – will you be comfortable in a heavy dress in the sun all day?
  • Children can often become restless in the heat and if you have children you will need to consider keeping them occupied as the day goes on.
  • If you aren’t going to visit your wedding location prior to the big day then your venue etc will be a big surprise when you arrive.Images from The Bridal Consultant

Whatever you decide, make sure you make an informed choice. Look at the pros and cons of marrying at home and abroad. Look at your venue options and talk to family and friends. That way when you make your choice you know you have made the right one!

Make Up Artists in Northern Ireland

Trusting your face to someone on your Wedding Day is no minor detail – as much as your husband-to-be may think that it is (Carl couldn’t understand why I just wasn’t doing my own!). So choosing someone, takes time & often a little money. It is massively important that you get a trial before your big day to ensure that the MUA you choose creates a look which you are happy with but that also suits the overall look you have created for your Wedding Day. After all, for how many years are you going to look back on these photographs?

With this being said, there are many, many talented make up artists  (MUA’s) in Northern Ireland. Each will have a different style so its important that you take the time to look through their previous weddings and make the most of your trial. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to have a hair and make up trial on a day you will be trying on your dress. You don’t want what you are going to look like to be a surprise on your Wedding Day.

With all that being said her are a few wedding MUA’s based in NI that I am a fan off.


  1. Jennifer Ireland.

Jennifer only takes one booking per day so you know when you entrust her, that you will have her undivided attention for the morning of your wedding. She always has the most beautiful brides and I am forever creeping on her Facebook page!

078 8096 6574

2. Lauren Rowan

If you haven’t heard of Lauren Rowan, then honestly I don’t know where you have been for the last few years. Lauren is amazingly talented, and since becoming a MUA and HD Brow specialist, she has ventured into opening her own make up school.,

028 9048 2000

3. Paddy McGurgan

For me, Paddy McGurgan & his Pro Store team are like the original MUA’s in Belfast. This team know exactly what they are doing and have it down to a fine art.

028 9043 4007

4. Louise Jones

Louise completed the make up for my first ever photoshoot and I was immediately in love. We had talked about what the overall look was for the shoot and she just ran with it & nailed it!

078 4187 1171

Have you anyone else you would recommend?

Harriet Wilde @ Peony Bridal

Last week I headed down to Hillsborough to meet with Elsebeth & her mum from Peony Bridal. I love visiting Elsebeth as she always makes me feel so welcome in her store. We had a proper girlie catch up and it was lovely to hear how much Peony had grown over the past few months. 

When Elsebeth first emailed me about a catch up she entitled her email “Shoes Glorious Shoes” so I knew I was in for a little more excitement than usual and I was right. Peony are now stockists of the Harriet Wilde shoe range.

Harriet Wilde’s range of Wedding Shoes include both bespoke and ready to wear collections, of which Peony stock. I was so surprised at how comfortable the pairs I tried on were – I really didn’t want to take this little gold pair of my feet!   


Each pair is lovingly hand crafted in Spain using only the finest materials, each pair is embellished by hand in London. 


The satin shoes can be re-coloured to match your dress, or post ceremony to ensure the shoes are worn again.  

The pictures really do not do these little beauties justice and I have been raving about them ever since. I found thema little more special than the traditional wedding shoe in that they weren’t blatantly wedding shows meaning they are far more wearable. They were also very comfortable and majorly pretty. 


2017 Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake’s are evolving, there is no doubt about that. Everytime I am on Pinterest I see another cake  breaking the boundaries of traditional wedding cakes whilst becoming even more beautiful. 

Here are some of my favourite ideas for 2017 wedding cakes that I have come across this week.

Anyone for cake & a cup of tea? 






Tonal Wedding Cakes

Good evening bridies. If you, like me, are getting ready to head back to work tomorrow then it isn’t a great prospect, so to brighten up your evening I thought I would talk about something we all know and love. Cake. 😍

As a bride, if you are having a colour theme, you often jump straight into using that colour as the main colour of your cake (obv!). So did I (below) and I loved it! However, more and more tonal cakes are appearing on Pinterest and I love them! 

 (My own Wedding Cake – definitely not tonal, just two colours)

“Tonal cakes” (as I am now christening them), bring in different tones relative to your chosen colour. Think of the mother-of-the-bride outfit.Rather than choosing your bridesmaid colour, tradition is that you go along with a tone of the bridesmaid colour.  


A wedding fit for Instagram

A Moldovian model for a bride and an Egyptian Billionaire for a groom. You know this wedding is going to be epic.   
 Xenia Deli and Osama Al-Sharif tied the knot in none other than the beautiful island of Santorini.
The beautiful bride wore Zuhair Murad teamed with a sleek ponytail and extravagant make up created by Andrey Loos

 The bride looked every inch the princess with the stunning island back drop and beside her, her bridesmaids dressed in full length, haute couture Walter Collection dresses. 
Photos from Instagram (@XeniaDeli) & Facebook (@WeddedWonderland).

5 Honeymoons That Won’t Break the Bank

1. London 

 London is one of my all time favourite locations to visit. No matter how many times you visit this amazing, historical city you find something different to do. From Camden to the West End, Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park you could spend two weeks and never get to fit it all in. Fit return flights from Belfast for only £20 each you are sure to find a bargain honeymoon.

2. Marrakech, Morroco 

Marrakech is one of four imperial cities in Morocco and with the medina (kinda of like busy markets) it’s one of the busiest cities in Africa. Marrakech is perfect for a cultural city break if you and your partner are interested in trying new food and learning about other cultures.

3. Mediterranean Cruise 

For my honeymoon, I did a Carribean cruise with Royal Carribean and absolutely loved it! I don’t think you can understand how big the ships are until you have actually been on one – they literally are floating cities. The benefit with a cruise is that everything can be all inclusive, so if money is a little tight coming up to your wedding it’s ok, it’s already paid for. You can also see many cities and locations on your stop overs – perfect for some sightseeing.

4. Sorrento, Italy 

Sorrento is a coastal city in South West Italy. Perched amid cliff tops, they make it the picturesque location it is. With narrow alley ways, a cafe-lined square and marina there is plenty to do and even more to look at.

5. Paris, France 

 We are all familiar with the traditional Parisian images but there is so much more to Paris. The cultural city is perfectly situated that you can incorporate many city hops to your honeymoon making it an inexpensive base for travelling through Europe.

Ultimate Hen Party Locations

Let’s be honest girls. We love an excuse for a girly weekend away without the boys. So what better an excuse than your friends Hen Party. Bridesmaids, take note, Hen Parties abroad are the best!

1. Marbella

If I have learn’t anything from following So Sue Me, it’s that Marbella is the ultimate in a classy, sunshine break. From the Champagne Spray Party at Ocean Beach to the amazing bodies in one piece swimsuits with perfectly executed beach waves and contour. Marbella is the ultimate glam hen location. 

 2. London

London is one of those all-round people pleasers. Going away with a group of girls can be troublesome if there are some big personalities so for that reason it’s good to have a plan in place for what you are going to do during your trip. From sightseeing to shopping, theatre shows to the opera. You are bound to have plenty to do as a group!   

   3. Dublin

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love Dublin. Granted, we know it can be expensive, realistically you could be abroad for a few days for the same price. However, you can spend the night in some of the most beautiful hotels in Europe and the craic is always ninety! 

 4. Ibiza

The ultimate party destination is perfect for any hen weekend! Getting a group of girls together and hitting the beach or West End in Ibiza is always going to result in a buzzing Hen Party. If you and the girls love dance music or just enjoy watching the sunset in the likes of Cafe Mambo, then Ibiza is the hen party location for you.  

5. New York

If you want to go OTT (and we love a little OTT) then New York is definitely the ultimate Hen Party location. With an abundance of shops, Broadway, celeb spotting and amazing food you could have the busiest time enjoying the last few days with your girls as a single woman!  


Hen Party Swimwear

Summer Hen Parties and Honeymoon’s are in full swing and after working on our summer bodies for so long, it’s time to enjoy showing off those figures! Here are some of my favourite swimwear items perfect for any bride on her Hen Party or Honeymoon!

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I’m probably going to line myself up to get linched by saying this but I kind of feel like wedding cake styles went a little stale in 2014/15. They are still amazing and we are blessed with INCREDIBLE bakers in Northern Ireland who really do lead the way in design but if 2016 has taught us anything so far it’s that cake design has taken a sharp turn. 

Brides and grooms will have the pleasure of having some amazing new emerging tricks and techniques applied to their cake design this year. To show you what I mean I have included some of my favourite new designs below. Enjoy!