New Years Resolutions

This week I have been thinking a lot about my New Years Resolutions. I know as we get older a lot of people eye roll at the thought of setting New Years Resolutions but being honest, I eye roll at the eye rollers!

Why is setting goals and aspirations for the year ahead something to snigger at? Yes I appreciate many will set unrealistic, pointless New Years Resolutions but if they are used right, I think they are a really useful.

Each year around Christmas, I really try to use my time off to think over the past year; what went well, what didn’t go so well, what I loved and what I didn’t like so much. It is from this that I set my New Years Resolutions. From personal goals to work related targets, I think of it all.

Personal New Years Resolutions

Last year I set myself the resolution to plan one activity a month for me. Being a new mum it is easy to forget about you and very often no one else will think to drag you from your sick covered pj’s. Each month I planned something I wanted to do for me whether it was to relax or spend time with friends. I headed to Galgorm Resort and Spa with the girls one month and booked a day trip to Dublin with Carl for another. I really loved that I had something planned to look forward to each month and as it was planned in advance it was easy to organise childcare too! I’ll definitely be keeping this New Years Resolution in play this year!

This year however I want to do something I haven’t done in years; the arts. Recently I went along to Aly Hartes workshop in Boden Coffee Co and it really reignited my love for art. Honestly, since leaving school I think I have forgotten the things I used to love; music, art, drama, reading, writing. We are so wrapped up in our busy lives that we can often forget to take time for us to do something we enjoy just for the fun of it! So thanks to Aly, I’m setting myself the resolution of getting back into the arts! My paints & pencils are purchased, I asked family for some books that caught my eye and I’m looking at how I can work the others into hectic mum life!

Work Related New Years Resolutions

This has become so normal for me to think of aims and targets in work and with our home business. I truly believe in personal development and always striving for better, so much so that I do this every month!

This year though I am setting myself the goal to blog more about business. In work I manage a domiciliary business and at home I manage my husbands business. We both are crazy busy and juggling it all is hectic but both Carl and I love the chaos. I love encouraging others to try something new and to be the best them so I hope you’ll enjoy this new part of the blog.

Carl and I have set our targets for the year for the business for the new year and I have set mine for my job and for me in work – these are two totally different things and should be viewed individually. My goals for what courses I want to do or how I want to develop myself are different to the company goals.

I always keep these totally under wraps but I keep a dream board at home which lets me read my goals everyday and reminds me why I want to hit them. Nothing annoys me more than missing a goal so seeing these everyday is a massive driving force for me.

What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions? Do you stick to them? Do you try? Are they realistic? Or do you just see them as a pointless activity?

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