Beauty Review: He Shi Pro Advanced Spray Tan Collection

Can you believe it has been a week since Belfast Fashion Week? Me neither! I was delighted to be invited along with some of the leading ladies in fashion in our capital city but I have to admit, with only a few days notice I didn’t know how I would get ready in time.

Thankfully the lovely girls from He Shi invited us to try out their new Pro Advanced Spray Tan Collection (this was a definite blogging perk!). He Shi promote themselves for only using high quality and scientifically balanced ingredients, and after hearing some rave reviews from other bloggers I knew I was in safe hands.

I headed to their head office for my spray tan the night before the West Coast Cooler high street show and was over the moon when I had the choice between 3 colour percentages 8%, 10% & 12%. I like a deep colour from my spray tan so I decided to go all out with 12%. The new Smart Tan Technology in the Pro Advanced range means it has advanced absorbing agents giving you that deeper tan with longer lasting results.

I was shocked by how quickly the tan was absorbed by my skin with my legs being pretty much dry by the time I was leaving. I loved the caramel tone to the tan which gave me an instant, beautiful colour making me excited for checking out the colour pay off the following morning. Thankfully there was no horrible smell to the tan something we regular tanners hate and my tan faded beautifully so no need to pull out the exfoliating scrub & mitt.

Belfast Fashion Week was awash was beautiful spray tans across St Annes Cathedral last Friday night and I am now a He Shiconvert. I have even been using their Rapid tan at home since (see below).

Have you tried He Shibefore? What are your thoughts?


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