So the last time I blogged about building our dream home in Northern Ireland was June 2016! 19 months ago! Time really does fly in but honestly not a lot has happened since then. They do say self-building is a long process.

Shortly after we received word that our outline planning had been passed, things went on hold as I found out I was expecting Annie. We knew building was a stressful process and so was having a baby, so we didn’t want to add more pressure and stress into the pot! However, after passing the 3 month mark I got excited about the prospect of building our dream home for Baby Hill so we hit the ground running again!

In late March 2017, we submitted our second set of plans (our first set was for our outlining planning and our second then was what we actually wanted to build – the fun part!) We had no idea were to begin designing our home and spent many, many months creeping on houses on Property Pal and nosing around show homes. It took around 4 months before we designed, what we thought, was our dream home.

We knew we wanted 3 or 4 bedrooms, an open kitchen-dining-living room, a good room etc but beyond that we really didn’t have a clue so we needed help, and a lot of it! Thankfully my mum and dad have built two homes and they really became our guiding light in the entire process. Dad and my brother also work in the building trade so they were amazing in giving us ideas and inspiration on what might work and what might not.

Now they say the line of a self-build home never goes straight and boy are they right. Shortly before Christmas we found out that it is pretty unlikely we will have our plans passed. WHAT?! All that hard work and months of planning was down the pan! Somehow though, we weren’t disappointed. Yes, I know that may sound crazy, but after having Annie Carl and I quickly learnt what was our dream home as a single couple was definitely not our dream home as a family and we really wished we could have changed our plans.

Low and behold, this weekend we have finally settled on our ideas and designs for plans number 3. Can it really be third time lucky?! I will keep you posted!


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