My experience of the non-surgical face lift

Good evening! After Christmas I had been so poor on the blogging front, mainly because our house was struck down by the dreaded cold, not once but twice! It’s safe to say if I see another runny nose, teary eyes or pile of tissues it will most definitely be too soon.

I always find after I have the cold my skin suffers really badly. As if the dry nose from blowing it too much isn’t enough (attractive eh??) but my skin always plays up for around one or two weeks after. After my first cold in December I really felt like I needed a pick me up. With the Christmas parties looming I did not fancy going with gloomy, dull skin so I was over the moon when Judith from Skin Medi Spa offered for me to have the Plasma Lift during a demo at her Christmas party.

If you have followed me for a while, you will know of my love for Skin Medi Spa and Judith in particular. You can read all about my Arvigo Maya Massage treatments with Judith here and here. So I knew I was in safe hands letting Judith perform the Plasma Lift.

The Plasma Lift is promoted as being the non-surgical face and eye lift. Its benefits also include anti-ageing and acne treatment. All without using surgery.. sounds great right? Being 25, I am not interested in invasive surgical procedures (just yet anyway) but I want to see results. Being a mum I want a quick and easy treatment with little to no downtime, so I knew the Plasma Lift was the perfect solution for me.

So how does it work?

Using nitrogen plasma technology (aka a machine in Skin Medi Spa) it works at, and below, the surface of the skin to generate new collagen and elastin fibres in order to improve skin tone, texture and laxity. The treatment is meant to bring clinical improvements immediately and overtime, perfect for me who always wants instant results and has no time to waste!

So what happened during the treatment?

It was surprisingly comfortable and pain free! I have to admit, I was apprehensive watching a previous demo and figured it was going to sting but not at all. The machine is linked to a small doppler (that’s what I am calling it anyway!) which moves over the surface of the skin performing heat blasts to each area. Overall it took no more than 20 minutes and afterwards a calming cream was applied to my skin to help reduce redness and the small burning sensation, which felt no more than sunburn.

What did I have to do?

Show up, have the treatment done, keep make up off my skin for 24 hours and moisturiser off for 72 hours. Not bad at all for a non-surgical face lift!

The results?

Instantly, my skin appeared slightly red and where the doppler had applied the nitrogen bursts was evident across the skin surface. My skin felt hot but no more than when I have had sunburn in the past. Around 3 days after the treatment my skin became very dry and parts began to peel but this is a positive aspect of the process and I knew this would bring around better results.

One week later – my skin was still a little dry but much less than 3 and 4 days post treatment. My skin appeared firmer with a slight change in tone.

Two weeks later – the difference in my skin was crazy! Tone had improved drastically with no dryness left. My skin appeared brighter and tighter.

The Plasma Lift definitely did give me instant results which I loved. I am a hugely impatient person so I loved being able to see improvements to my skin immediately and within days. The procedure was pain free and the burning sensation manageable meaning the benefits for me definitely outweighed the negatives. Would I have it done again? Definitely.

A huge thank you to Judith from Skin Medi Spa for inviting me to have the procedure done. You can check out Skin Medi Spa’s website here.


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