What is a cruise really like?

Our honeymoon really does seem like a lifetime ago now but we still look back on it with the best memories. We decided to try a cruise for our honeymoon, and at that point the best ship was Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. One week sailing around the Caribbean, what else could be better?

We booked the whole thing through Thomas Cook in Connswater who were incredibly helpful. With never having been on a cruise before, we didn’t really know where to begin but they had brilliant advice and made the process very simple.

We flew from Dublin to New York and from New York to Florida as our cruise departed from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. We decided to fly the day before our cruise departed and stay over in Florida for the evening to make sure we were on time for the cruise. When booking on their website, Royal Caribbean give you the option to add flights and a hotel stay before and after your cruise so it is much simpler than it seems.

On the morning of our cruise, our private transfer collected us from the hotel after breakfast and dropped us to the port. I will never forget the size of the ship. I mean, it was insane!

(When we woke up in Miami this amazing boat was docked outside our balcony!)

The joy of a cruise is that you have so many options for stops along the way. We decided for the Eastern Caribbean cruise as our stop offs were: 1. Labadee, Haiti 2. Falmouth, Jamaica 3. Cozumel, Mexico. If you have a bucket list filled with travelling a cruise is perfect for you as you can pretty much tick 3 or 4 cities off in one 6 night, 7 day cruise.

(Central park on the ship)

People often ask me how we spent our day on the cruise and honestly, every day is different. Our week went as follows:

Day One – we jumped on the ship (literally, we were so excited) and it really took 24 hours to get our bearings – it is that big!

Day Two – we spent the day at sea aka we had no stops. This let us sunbathe, relax, check out the restaurants and shops etc.

Day Three – we decided not to book an excursion in Ladadee, Haiti and just headed to the beach. After chilling on the beach we did some shopping around the market and were treated to a beach BBQ. That evening when we were back onboard, we went to the theatre (yes, like the West End) and watched Hairspray The Musical (much to Carl’s delight!)


Day Four – we departed in Falmouth, Jamaica and joined our coach trip to head to the beach. This excursion included the coach to and from the beach, a BBQ on the beach and drinks all day. I can honestly say I have never seen a more beautiful location. That evening back on board the ship there was a market, kind of like duty free, so we shopped till we dropped!


Day Five – we spent the day at sea. Sipping cocktails by the pool, sunbathing, catching up on my books and that even watched a water show in the pool. The show was insane! These olympic divers are crazy, or as we say “they really needed their heads looked at!”

Day Six – saw us attempt snorkelling and speedboating in Cozumel, Mexico. This was the excursion we were most looking forward to and it really lived up to its expectation. Snorkelling in the sea together was the perfect activity us honeymooners although it is a miracle we didn’t get divorced after Carl nearly threw me overboard with the speed he was hitting in the speedboat! That night we were literally exhausted and we even slept through dinner! Thankfully room service is free so we had two steaks and cocktails delivered to the room. Thank you!

Day Seven – we spent the day at sea and enjoyed the craic with the other honeymooning couples at a honeymoon rendezvous on board the ships bar. With champagne and cake it was a lovely afternoon meeting other couples from all over the world!

Day Eight – we arrived back at Fort Lauderdale in Florida and departed the ship. As we were heading on the second part of our honeymoon we got a taxi from the port terminal to our hotel and waived goodbye to the best week abroad! EVER!

We loved our cruise with Royal Caribbean onboard Oasis of the Seas so much so we have another cruise booked for 2019! You would never know you were on board a ship (obviously apart from the fact that you walked on!) and we never even made it around all of the restaurants or activities during the week we were onboard. This is the perfect holiday for couples, families, young and old as there is so much to do onboard and when you depart at your stop off’s. We were spoilt for choice with food, drinks and excursions during our trip and can’t wait to our next cruise next year!


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