Review: Bellamianta Instant Tan

Since having Annie I am so disorganised when it comes to getting sorted for a night out. I don’t know whether it is the lack of time or the exhaustion but I never seem to be organised. For this reason instant tan has become my best friend and I needed it even more last week when I headed to Carlingford for our trip away (you can read all about our trip here).

I had been using a small sized bottle of the Bellamianta Instant Tan I got in a gift set until a few weeks ago when I drained it and realised I needed to invest in a bottle.

At Β£14.99 it is a little pricey compared to other instant tans but here is while I love it.

1. The colour is buildable so I can have a natural looking tan (see below) or a darker shade for any (very rare) nights out. 2. It doesn’t transfer. In the past I have used cheaper instant tans and they have transfered onto my clothes. I hate tan staining my clothes.

3. It gives me a glow and lets be honest. As a busy mum, the only thing I am normally glowing with is baby spew so this is a win win!

4. No smell. There is nothing worse than getting ready for a night out and Carl telling me I smell like a curry. A few spritz of my favourite perfumes and I am good to go!

5. It is called the “Skin Perfecing Instant Tan” for a reason. You can see from the photos above it smooths out my skin and gives a flawless coverage.

6. It is hydrating. My skin has been very dry since having Annie but the Instant Tan doesn’t dry it out. Bellamianta say that this is due to the coconut oil in it which is “intensely hydrating and an excellent moisturiser”

Life definitely does change as a mum but my beauty regime has changed a lot more. Now I am all about the quick and instant results when I have little to no time and Bellamianta helps me achieve this.


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