The Glitz & Glam of Belfast’s Cabaret Supper Club

If you have followed me for a while, you will know I love the weird and wonderful or out of the ordinary. Give me a paintballing party over a night out in a bar anytime (although if a close friend of mine is reading this I will never forgive you for paintballing – the bruises!!)

So when a friend decided to go to the Cabaret Supper Club in AM:PM for her birthday this year I couldn’t wait! Now to be honest, it definitely was not what I expected but if you want great craic, a girly night out and some nudity then this is for you. Here are my top four reasons you should check out this explosive concotion of comedy, singing, burlesque and creative genius.

(Image from

It is the perfect night out for everyone!

AM:PM was filled with hen parties, birthday parties, staff nights out and those just after a great nights fun, flip there was even a couple on a date when we were there! The groups were filled with all ages giggling, enjoying the flurry of fun in front of them proving it is perfect for everyone.

The staff are great craic!

From the bar staff to the burlesque dancers everyone is there for a good time and it shows. Warning: your face will hurt for laughing the next day and your muscles from dancing.

(Image from

The singing = wow!

Now lets be honest, sometimes at these things the singing isn’t great but last night it was unreal! The music ranged from old school classics to R’n’B hits that you are guaranteed to know the words to.

Food, glorious good!

It is a supper club so of course there was food. We were treated to a main course as part of our package and the food was beautiful. I had the pork – definitely try it!

So what do you need to go along to Caberet Supper Club?

1. A good sense of humor

2. Not being afraid of a little bit of nudity

3. A great singing voice for belting out a bit of Whitney Houston.

AM:PM’s Cabaret Supper Club truly brought some 1920’s glitz and glam to the heart of Belfast last night and we loved it. Hats off to the Creative Director Ross Anderson-Doherty, you have the best job in the world so I’ll leave the last word to him…

You’re in the Caberet Supper Club, you’re getting some culture b**tches!


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