Yeah I lift… my lashes

Last night was my work Christmas dinner and I don’t know whether I was more excited for a cocktail or to finally try out my Nouveau Lashes!

Early in the week I had shared with you the three lash styles I had been sent now I am a fully fledged member of Nouveau’s #LashGang (eek!). I finally decided on lash style 4 so I couldn’t wait to get down to Amanda Wilson’s salon for her to do my make up & try out the lashes!

The first thing I noticed was they were as light as air! I hate when you apply lashes and they feel like they are poking you in the eye all night (cue watery eye syndrome!) but thankfully I never felt the lashes on. They added a crazy amount of dramatics to my smokey brown eye which I was over the moon with.

One thing I hate about lashes is when you try to reuse them, they can be badly damaged (twisted, out of shape, glue badly stuck to them etc) but when I took the lashes off before bed they looked like new so I know I will get a good few uses from each style – win win!

Something I’ve been looking more and more into recently is brands who test on animals. I am not vegan/vegetarian but I am finding more and more that I am drawn to brands who do not test on animals. Nouveau are completely transparent about their products and how they are trialled created. The majority of their products and treatments are vegan friendly and all are cruelty free.

I love finding a new beauty product that becomes a permanent product in your make up bag and I think my Nouveau lashes may be one!

A huge thank you to The Beauty School Ireland for introducing me to Nouveau!


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