There is a new type of mum about and she is annoying as hell

There is a new type of mum about, have you heard? Along with the organic cooking, yoga class attending, hypno-birthing mum and the baby class attending, coffee drinking stay-at-home mum there is now the “I can have it all” mum.

So who are these mums? Or are you one of them? To the outside world they appear to have it all. Nice house, good car, designer handbags.. pretty annoying in general. During the week they juggle the career of their dreams, earning their own money meaning they rely on no one. In the evenings they are tackling kids clubs, hitting the gym, making the pack lunches and cooking up a storm for dinner. Come the weekend you find them getting their nails done, with perfect tan, taking the kids to football or ballet and every once in a while they’ll be dancing the night away in town sipping a cocktail. Pretty annoying in general.

You’ll see her on maternity leave attending all the baby classes, looking at life and health insurance, reading the baby books and cooking organic vegetables for her little angel. She hits the gym with her baby, the cinema with her baby, shops with her baby and gets her nails done with her baby. Is there anything she can’t do? Pretty annoying really.

These were the mums you laughed at when she said she was pregnant. You said her life would change and she would have to give up her nail appointments and the gym. You criticise her when you see her out with friends two weekends in the month but tell her she’s doing a fab job.

The truth is, that pretty annoying mum proved you wrong. That is why she is pretty annoying. You said she couldn’t have it all but she can. She does. She has everything she wants… for right now anyway, because this mum doesn’t settle. Her sights are set high for her career, her family, her friends and her life. She won’t settle for second best and that makes her pretty amazing.


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