What can you buy a pregnant woman for Christmas?

This time last year I was pregnant at Christmas and to be honest, I felt VERY sorry for my poor husband as nothing would please me! What could please a pregnant woman dying for a strawberry daiquiri how was throwing up 5+ times a day? Exactly! In honour of all the pregnant women out there I have compiled a list of all the things I would have liked as a Christmas present while pregnant. Men, take note!


I lived in my pyjamas when I came home from work. Especially the further on I got as by bump got bigger. Sitting in a office all day in tight clothes was never enjoyable but comfy pjs were and they don’t need to be boring. Here are some pregnancy PJ’s out at the minute:

You can find these at Boohoo.com

Spa Day

I loved my spa weekend in www.galgorm.com for New Years when I was pregnant with Annie. Although I wasn’t able to go into everything, it was massively relaxing just to get away and lounge about in the pool. Galgorm have a number of pregnancy treatments as well as non-alcoholic cocktails – win win!

You can find details on their pregnancy massage here.

You can find details on their mum-to-be spa day package here.

You can find details on their baby moon package for mum & dad here.

Baby Class Vouchers

Baby classes have been my saviour whilst on maternity leave! Some day’s you just need to get out of the house and talk to another human (preferably one that can talk). I have loved our Baby Sensory classes and Waterbabies classes for this reason as well as to see the developmental changes it has helped bring on with Annie. Water babies definitely do vouchers.

Pregnancy Journal

I have been writing in my mums journal since Annie was born but I wish I had of started a pregnancy journal. Keeping memories of your pregnancy is amazing to look back on so starting one of these would be a lovely gift.

You can find a version of a pregnancy journal here.

Pamper Kit

Lets be honest. Pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park for many of us so if a spa day isn’t in the budget, a pamper kit definitely can fit in it. Create a hamper with lovely treats e.g. hot chocolate, bubble bath, bath bombs, face mask, eye mask (you get the hint?!)


When I was pregnant, there was nothing more I loved than coming home, sticking on my pjs and lighting my candles. I find a candle very relaxing especially the http://sassandboho.com Bourke St. Sass and Boho are a local N. Ireland company which you can buy online on their website http://www.sassandboho.com or in one of their maannyyy stockists which you can see here.

While your shopping, if you’d like to pick me up any of the below please feel free… minus the pregnancy pyjamas which might give Carl the fright of his life!

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