Can a clear liquid really give you a tan?

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that the lovely girls from Bellamianta sent me their new Crystal Clear tan recently. 

(before picture)

Like Bellamianta’s other tanning products it is odour neutralising, non toxic, dries in 60 seconds, has an even wear of & is easy to apply BUT this time it is a clear solution!

The first of its kind, the clear and clean tan means that it is transfer resistant – so no marks on your white bed sheets. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to apply with no guide colour since I have always been used to using a tans guide colour to apply my lotion or mousse for even coverage.

(after picture)

I love a dark tan so I popped this on before bed & woke up the following morning tanned with no wrecked bedsheets – win! Carl also didn’t even smell my tan so no jokes about my “pasty white mum skin” – win win! 

(after picture)

This clear tanning solution is also perfect for me being on the go with a new baby. The first time applying the tan I applied it in the morning for an event I had that evening and as my tan developed it didn’t transfer onto mine or Annie’s clothes, something other tans have done before. I didn’t have to worry about marking her beautiful littlw outfits or puke wrecking my tan.

All round, this is another tan saviour for me from Bellamianta. Can these girls ever do anything wrong? If you have tried the tan please let me know your thoughts!


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