Dear Annie, you are 18 weeks old

My dearest Annie,

I cannot believe you are now eighteen weeks old. They have been the quickest, busiest and most fun eighteen weeks of mine and your daddy’s life. We have watched you grow, not only in length and weight but into your big personality.

Each month you have changed that little bit more from the introduction of your little smile to your cheeky little giggle. Your attempts to role and tummy time parties brighten up my little day as I see how well we have done at helping you grow into a little person. You are truly my biggest accomplishment in life.

You love:

  • Smiling and giggling at your daddy
  • Sucking on your toys
  • Gulping down your bottle and spoon feeds
  • Getting your banana and porridge up your nose
  • Anything with Peppa Pig on it
  • Watching other babies and reaching out to touch them
  • Cuddling into mummy and daddy
  • But most of all, bath time is your favourite time of the day.

Mummy and Daddy love:

  • Watching you try to role over
  • Seeing you reach out to grab your teddies and toys
  • Making you laugh and smile
  • Watching you get better in your classes every week
  • Playing in the bath with you
  • Hearing you chat

Here’s to the next eighteen weeks with your pretty little smile and noisy chatter.


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