Baby Products I have Loved

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for a while now, it is one I wish I had read from other bloggers. When I was pregnant and buying for the baby I hadn’t met I really had no clue what I was doing. It is true when mums say they are winging it.. we really are. Every baby is different and what one will like another may not. Similar what they like today they may not like tomorrow (or even in an hour!) but here are my top 5 items I couldn’t have done without.

1. Mamaroo

Yes it is a little pricey but in my opinion totally worth it! There are different sound and movement mechanisms and Annie loves it. It is a real talking point in our house and visitors are always mesmerised when they see it. We want an adult version. Buy here.

2. Sleepyhead

This has been perfect for helping Annie sleep. She quickly learnt that when she was in her Sleepyhead it was sleep time. It is also massively handy to throw in the car and take it wherever you are going. Buy here.

3.  Comforter

I had never thought of a comforter but only a few weeks in and Annie loves her. She wraps her little arm around it and gives it a little cuddle to go to sleep. Not only is it massively cut but it helps her sleep so that is definitely a winner! Buy similar here.

4. Living Room Box

A little bit of a random one. Annie’s godmother had built us a hamper of presents when she was born and this was what they were all stored in. We love it so much we keep it in the living room and have all the essentials e.g. nappies, wipes, cream, muslins, bibs etc. Not only does it save you running about the house but it weirdly makes our house feel more like a home. Buy similar here.

5. Shnuggle

I adore our Shnuggle bath. I was petrified about bathing Annie in the beginning and couldn’t warm to using the traditional long baths or a seat for our bath. The Shnuggle has a built in seat to support Annie in a seating position. The back is also padded for comfort and it makes washing her much, much easier. You can find my full review of my Snuggle products here and buy them here.

One thing we learnt very quickly was to try everything more than once. Quite often Annie would have tried something and cried so we thought she hated it but trying later on or the next day and she would have been fine. Try, try, try again they are temperamental little creatures.


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