Starting Weaning

This week we tackled something new with Annie… weaning.
*Before I go into detail, the government and NHS recommend that babies are not weaned prior to 6 months. Annie is only 12 weeks but following advice from our GP we have decided to begin earlier. Every baby is different so you should take guidance on when to begin from your GP or Health Visitor.

Being a first time mum it was a little daunting thinking how and when to start weaning Annie so we were very grateful when a friend of ours gave us the Annabel Karmel books on weaning. They cover everything from what a babies reaction should be to how to cook the food, suggested meal plans and food combinations to try. I jumped straight in and read the introduction chapters on what products I needed to buy and the best things to start off on. Last Thursday I spent my day shopping for the initial root veg and fruit I needed and then in the afternoon I boiled/steamed and pureed it down into little containers and popped the date and contents on each – the book recommends you can freeze food for up to 8 weeks which is very handy!

(Images from

We followed the meal plan religiously this week introducing only one spoon feed per day at lunch time. Annabel recommends trying a food for two days as this will let you see if the baby has a reaction to that food allowing you to eliminate it until they are a little older. Sunday saw us try baby rice for the first time and Annie loved it! So far this week we have had baby rice, carrot and baby rice with pear and she has scoffed the lot down.

(Just for the record, this is the picture that will be on her 18th birthday cake πŸ˜…)

Weaning is definitely a long process and I wouldn’t have expected any different, nor would I want my baby off her bottle any time soon. The actual feeding has been so enjoyable as I love seeing her little face when she see’s her food coming and even more when she has covered herself, her seat and me in her food! Word of warning: carrot stains.. EVERYTHING!

I would definitely recommend the Annabel Karmel books for first time parents, they were great guidance for Carl and I. If you have any tips, hints or food combinations I would love to know.

Happy weaning.



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