Learning to love my post baby body

We all know having a baby is not an easy job. As soon as you are handed your little bundle there are massive, tough changes to endure. From giving birth to post-delivery recovery, late nights, early mornings and little to no sleep. It is a hugely challenging time but we know to expect it, the baby books prepare us for the changes. One change I didn’t expect was those my body would be going through 12 weeks later.

My husband laughs that since giving birth I act like an 80 year old. My bones crack, my knees are permanently sore and in the morning it takes at least half an hour before I can walk properly… attractive! Along with this, my skin is no longer tight around my tummy, I have stretch marks on my hips and I am pretty sure I wobble when I walk but I have my little miracle. Is pregnancy worth it? Absolutely! Would I change it? Never.

Stepping out in a swimsuit for the Galgorm event recently (you can read all about it here) and again for Annie’s swimming class was very daunting. Standing next to toned, attractive girls my age would make anyone apprehensive but I grabbed the bull by the horns and went anyway – my love for Juliet in Scarlett PR and the Galgorm Resort & Spa drove me to ignore my fears and I am so glad I did.

Posting these pictures genuinely gives me chills. My legs aren’t toned, my tummy is wobbly, back fat is right there and I have jiggly arms but that is real life. The majority of us don’t spring back 12 weeks post birth. I want my little Annie to enjoy a happy, healthy life and not worry about how she looks, how skinny she is or that mummy is on another diet. I want her to think of her education, what she loves to do and to be a great friend not about her weight. 

To all the new mums, experienced mums, grans and nans I am with you. Pull on your swimsuit and go swimming with your little one, book that holiday and play in the sand with them. Lets raise our daughters to love their bodies, lets raise our sons to love real women and teach them all to have a happy and healthy life!


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