Review: My Shnuggle Products

Before Annie came along, I did a lot of research into the different products we wanted to purchase and the brands we wanted to buy from. There is a lot on the market with mixed reviews so it was important for me to choose products which were safe and healthy for Annie but that would also fit into our lifestyle.

One of the first companies I came across was Shnuggle. Shnuggle are a local company (we all know how passionate I am about shopping local!) created by husband and wife team Adam and Sinead. They used their experience of raising three children to create the first “modern moses basket” in 2009 and the company has grown from there now shipping worldwide.

The first product that caught my eye was the Shnuggle baby bath. Bathing a newborn petrified me and the thought of a traditional bath didn’t help the fear so when I came across the unique shape of the Shnuggle baby bath, including the bum bump and foam back to support a baby sitting, and read fellow bloggers reviews I was sold. 8 weeks in and I love Annie’s bath time every evening and it’s obvious how much she loves her bath too. Having confidence in working with a baby is so important and our bath has been a major competent in building my confidence during bath times.

This month we were kindly sent Shnuggles new washcloths and towel and wow! I only thought Annie’s towels were soft until I opened up our towel! Although Annie loves her bath time, she hates getting out of her bath but we have noticed a big difference since introducing the Shnuggle towel. The hooded wrap towel is wearable for mum or dad meaning I can wrap her up super quickly once she is out of the bath and keeping her close to me seems to have a calming effect – either that or she is loving my body heat! 

We are loving our Shnuggle journey so far and it has definitely made a positive impact to me as a new mum in not only building my confidence but helping us enjoy little Annie that little bit more!


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