5 Things I Have Learnt in my First 12 Weeks as a Mum

Lets be honest. When people tell you being a mum is hard work, they aren’t kidding. I have learnt more about myself and my husband in these first 12 weeks than I have in the last 5 years together. From the sleepless nights to the first injection tears it is tough going but hugely rewarding, so what have I learnt?

1. Make time for one another

I thought being on maternity leave, I would have a lot more time for my husband and myself but this was so far from the truth. I envisaged home cooked meals, baked goodies and dinner dates but it has taken me 12 weeks to get anywhere close to this. I know now how important it is to take a little time for us. Get the baby to bed, stick on a move and pour a glass of wine.

2. My body can run on empty

Before falling pregnant I was pretty sure I had pushed my body to the limit. With a career behind me and four years in uni I had tackled the late nights, early mornings, bad diets and two spin classes a day. I thought I was invincible but low and behold I learnt I wasn’t. Having a new born pushes your body to the limit. From post c-section recovery to sleepless nights, late night and early mornings to fighting for a warm meal I now know what it is to run on empty.

3. Team work rules

I have never felt more in a team than I do now with my husband. I had read all the baby books and thought we knew what way we would deal with having Annie but the reality was much different. We have tried many different arrangements but finally 12 weeks in we have our own routine…until injection time comes round again. He is my husband, my best friend and my team mate and with him I know we can tackle anything.

4. I am my own worst enemy

In the first few weeks I was determined to get back to normal. Blogging, cleaning, baking, cooking and coping with a new born after Carl went back to work. 2 weeks in and I was exhausted and broke down. I really am my own worst enemy. Looking back I wish I hadn’t put as much pressure on myself. The cleaning can wait, the washing will still be there tomorrow and the Chinese is only 5 minutes away.

5. When the going gets tough clear your head

Sometimes we need a break and there is now shame in taking time to yourself. I love my little Annie to pieces but there are enough changes going on and I wish I had taken a little time for me. After 5/6 weeks I got back to the gym and it felt amazing to have a little me time. No one will judge you for taking a little time out.

More than anything, it is important to work it all out yourself. Never worry about what others will say or what others are doing. This is your baby, your family and your time enjoy it!



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