Living Room Lovin’

It’s scary to think we have been living in our little country cottage for 4 years in September. We moved here temporarily until we could build our first home but 4 years on we are still here and surprisingly I now wouldn’t change it.

If you don’t know the story behind it. Carl and I lived in Belfast for the our first two years. I was still in university and Carl was brought up in the city so it made sense, but two years in and coming up to our wedding day I was dying to go home. I had always lived in the country and there is something about fields for miles that makes you feel calm and at home – although Carl will still say it’s creepy without street lights. It was then that we decided to build. With no chance of that happening before the wedding we decided to renovate the cottage that had always sat on my familys farm.

We spent the first 3 years just “getting by.” I hated the cottage and was always embaraamssed to bring people over. We had pretty much just made it habitable until we could get our house built but when we found out Annie was on her way it was time to suck it up and make it pretty since we knew our house wouldn’t be built any time soon.

The living room definitely took the most work, in fact it is a miracle there wasn’t a divorce over it. Every wall had to be replastered as the stone walls showing through, the floor had to he levelled, fireplace ripped out – it was chaos but now it is my little happy place.

On another decor note, I am over the moon to now be a Brand Rep for Very Vez who sell personalised and custom prints. I love prints in my home making it unique to us and they have a massive collection to choose from. You can use 10% off on the Very Vez Etsy store using code “JENNA10”. 


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