A day in the life of a new mum

Before Annie was born, Carl and I used to laugh when people said “Aww your pregnant. Make the most of your sleep before the baby comes.” To be honest, we thought they were all major drama queens. How wrong were we. Five weeks in I now know the best form of contraception is a baby.

I was always busy between juggling full-time work as a Community Manager, part-time wedding planning, blogging, attending blog events and the craziness associated with living on a farm (never a dull moment up here!) and often would have came home from work, ate and was straight back out the door again not stopping from dawn til dusk but nothing could have prepared me for the business of motherhood.

So new mums-to-be and those trying for a baby, here it is. Here is how I spend my day and it isn’t for the faint hearted.

5.30am Annie starts to stir in bed. She isn’t the best sleeper and it takes a lot for her to get in a deep sleep but this has been going on for over an hour so I know she will be up VERY soon. I get up, sterilise the bottles, make her a bottle tidy up the living room after my husband created an almighty mess last night, put on washing, do the dishes, iron Annie’s clothes, make myself a piece of toast and eat it while I head back to the bedroom to feed her.

6am By the time I make it to the room Annie has let out a cry. Here we go. I start to feed her and by the time I finish burping her it is 6.45am. We head to the living room and have a play on the floor until her milk settles. She has had reflux now for a couple of days so I don’t fancy being covered in milky goodness.

7.30am I get her bath ready to top and tail her. I fill the bath, bring it in to the living room to my crying baby who hates being left alone, bring up her clothes and start. It is a bit of a crying match the whole way through as she hates having her clothes off but we get there in the end.

8am Feed number 2 of the day starts. Generally Annie goes 3 hours between bottles but if getting washed is involved you can guarantee she’ll want a bottle as payment afterwards.

9am After her feed, Annie finally goes down for a sleep it doesn’t last long though. The little sleep demon is back up in an hour.

9-11am I get the dusting and hoovering done, tidy up the bedroom and get a quick shower. As soon as I get out I can hear her stirring again. I grab a quick bite to eat and run to her.

11.15am we are back on the floor playing but she is having none of it, her reflux is playing up and she has bad wind pains. Bless her I would take them away if I could it’s horrible hearing much in pain she is.

12pm we are back on the bottle again and this time it is not fun. The pains are in full swing and it takes a lot of perseverance to get her to take her bottle. It takes a full hour and a half to feed her.

1.30pm we are both fed, watered, dressed and the house it tidied. I switch over the washing loads, put away the clothes, get packed up and we are out of the house and off into town. If I don’t get out of the house I feel like my head will explode. Of course, she falls asleep before we have left the drive way and sleeps all the way through town. Bliss.

3pm As soon as I see the next feed approaching I get ready to head home. When we get in I get the bottle made and quickly prep dinner. It’s chicken pie tonight so I have it made from yesterday evening and just have to pop it in the oven. T minus 1.5hours before Carl is home (thank goodness!).

4.15pm I am just finishing Annie’s feed when Carl drives in. I get her burped and settled and quickly say hi before dishing out the dinner while she sleeps. We scoff our dinner like lightening for fear she will wake up. Honestly, there is only so much cold food you can eat in a week. After dinner Carl takes her to play with while I clear the dinner dishes, hoover, mop, prepare tomorrow nights dinner, sterilise more bottles, get changed into my pjs ready for bath time and before you know it it’s 6pm!

6pm feed time is around. Thankfully Carl does this one while I finish my bits and bobs around the house. I get the bath stuff ready and into the living room so that we can kick off when he finishes. We start the bath at 7pm and are done for 7.45pm with another bottle ready for 8pm. There is definitely no bath without a bottle in our house.

8pm feeding commences again. This time I am propped up in bed so that I am ready for 9pm TV – why oh why is Love Island over! Thankfully Annie goes down quite quickly after this bottle and I get to watch some trashy TV.

11pm I’ve drifted off so Carl does the 11pm feed and the 3am feed. Thank goodness but before you know it it’s 5.30am again and here we go all over again. RESTART!



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