Getting married abroad

Are you considering getting married abroad but worried about family members not being able to make it? Do you want to get married in the sunshine but worried about the legal side of things? Here are my pros and cons of getting married abroad to helo you decide if it is for you or not.

Image from The Perfect Wedding Abroad


  • If you are considering marrying abroad it is often for the climate. Choosing to marry away means you are almosy guaranteed good weather meaning you are able to take your vows outside.
  • You can get married in an exotic location different to any friends or family who may be getting married around the same time as you.
  • Marrying abroad is very often less expensive than UK or Irish weddings.
  • A smaller guest list means you can invite only those that you truly want to attend. 
  • N.I. has plenty of fully trained and knowledgeable travel agents who can book almost everything for you.
  • Weddings abroad booked through travel agents often have full packages including flowers, cake etc so no need to worry about the organising entailed in having a wedding at home.
  • Imagine the wedding photos. Wow!


  • Not everyone may be able to make it. A friend of mine couldn’t make her sisters wedding as she was in her third trimester and couldn’t fly. Often people may not be able to afford the flights and accomodation or cannot get time of work. If you are booking your wedding for during term time families often nay not be able to go.
  • You may offend people by not inviting everyone you would invite to a home wedding however the best way to counteract this is to have a homecoming party!
  • If you are a control freak you may struggle with not being able to be as involved in the planning.
  • Weddings abroad are often much smaller than at home – will you regret this later?
  • You can’t always be guaranteed amazing weather and if you are lucky remember that a wedding is a long, long day – will you be comfortable in a heavy dress in the sun all day?
  • Children can often become restless in the heat and if you have children you will need to consider keeping them occupied as the day goes on.
  • If you aren’t going to visit your wedding location prior to the big day then your venue etc will be a big surprise when you arrive.Images from The Bridal Consultant

Whatever you decide, make sure you make an informed choice. Look at the pros and cons of marrying at home and abroad. Look at your venue options and talk to family and friends. That way when you make your choice you know you have made the right one!


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