Dear Annie, today you are 4 weeks old

Dear Annie,

Today you are 4 weeks old and I have no idea where those 4 weeks have went. It has been the craziest, most exhausting, life changing 4 weeks and for the most part we have loved it.

I’m not going to lie, there have been insanely tough parts. Like the day you cried pretty much all day, I really was ready to pull my own hair out. Or at 3am when you’ve decided you want fed every hour, we don’t really like you much then. But in a moment of the chaos when you look up at us and give your little Elvis style smile (yes I know it’s wind but I can dream it’s a smile) you melt our hearts all over again. We adore you. 

I never understood what people meant when they said you will never know love like loving your own child. You have made us love a little more and love a little harder. Not only do we love every inch of you more than anything in the world but I love your daddy even more. We have got through the craziest, hardest 4 weeks as a team; daddy, you and I. I love watching my family with you. Granda, Granny and Uncle Alan are as besotted with you as we are and you will never know the amazing joy you bring to our whole family.

In 4 weeks we have watched you change so much. Every day you grow a little more and become more of the little person you will be one day. We can’t wait to see the person you become, the personality you will have and the friends you will make. We hope you will have the most amazing life.

So as I write this and you lie sleeping on me I have 3 wishes.1. You have a happy life filled with laughter because laughter can brighten the worst day.

2. You have a healthy life.

3. You have a life filled with love. Love for your family who will care for you now, love for your friends who will help you through your teens and one day, love for your partner who you will share your life with.

We love you little Annie.


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