Annie at 3 weeks old

It is so scary to think that my little Annie is three weeks old today. When they say that babies grow up quickly they aren’t kidding!

We really have jam packed everything and anything in to the last week. With it being the holidays, Annie has got to spend more time with her daddy, grandparents and uncle and it really has been amazing. Watching her with my husband and my family is the most heart warming scene and I adore seeing them all bond with her.

I finally feel like I am starting to get myself into a better system at home. Don’t get me wrong we are far from a routine and still feeding on demand but Annie usually goes 3 hours between each bottle so we are very lucky!

At last I am finally starting to feel like my old self again. I had been very sick throughout my pregnancy but 3 weeks post partum my tummy is nearly down, I am back to my pre baby weight (a lot of toning is definitely needed!), I know what tan, make up and lashes are again and it feels brilliant. Each night after we bath Annie, I take half an hour to myself either to put tan on or put on a face mask and it has really helped to make me feel more like me!

When they say your life changes when a little one arrives they aren’t wrong. My days are consumed playing on the floor, doing Annie’s washing and ironing, bottle feeding, burping, changing nappies and packing up the changing bag but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. She is perfect.

What I have learnt

  • Annie doesn’t like me to eat. Every time I cook she wakes up so I’ve learnt to enjoy cold food.
  • I can now pack up us and the car in 25 minutes – a big improvement from 45 minutes last week. How do people do it with two kids?!
  • Rest when the baby sleeps. Otherwise a mental breakdown at 10pm will happen.
  • The most romantic thing my husband can say to me now “I’ll do the night feeds” now that is love!

Annie at three weeks old

  • She is sleeping a lot less in the day and is a lot more alert. We love seeing her bright eyes in the morning.
  • Doesn’t take her eyes off her daddy when he is near her and will follow his voice.
  • Still hates the bath but now will lie in her nappy for a little while.
  • Has learnt where her lungs are and can squeal the house down!

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