Private antenatal care. Is it worth it? 

Going private for your pre-natal care can often be a touchy subject and many people can have big opinions on the subject. I had serious anxiety about my pregnancy and worried often that something would go wrong either during the pregnancy or during labour. After experiencing issues early on, we quickly decided to go down the private route.

There are many pros and cons to going private or remaining with full NHS care and I truly believe every new mum is different and should choose what is best for her. For me, I found that very soon after meeting my doctor, my worries started to pass and I knew I was in safe hands so it was well worth it!


  • Regular appointments. For me I had 4 weekly appointments and scans with my doctor which moved to fortnightly and then weekly as my pregnancy developed.
  • Evening appointments to work around your commitments.
  • Seeing the same doctor was hugely reassuring for me. In a few weeks I felt that she knew us as a couple and was able to tailor the care we received. From our first appointment to my 6 week post natal check I will see the same doctor.
  • Immediate appointments in the case of an emergency. One evening I panicked I hadn’t felt the baby kick. I called my doctor and within an hour I was at the clinic, scanned and knew everything was ok.


    • For me, the only con can be the cost. Packages start at around £2,000 for your entire care but this is dependant on the doctor, location etc. However, you can just pay for additional scans if you don’t feel you need a full antenatal package.

    I must stress, I think our NHS is outstanding. The work completed by our doctors and nurses is second to none and I seen this first hand when in the hospital but the reassurance and continuity of private care was right for us. 


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