My labour experience

Before I start, I have to admit I was PETRIFIED about giving birth! No amount of One Born Every Minute or baby books was settling me and I really expected it to be the most horrific experience of my life.. but it wasn’t!

Due to my anxiety and early complications in my pregnancy, we quickly decided to go down the private route (I’ll write more about this soon). Very soon after meeting my doctor my worries started to pass and I knew I was in safe hands.

We had agreed that I would be brought in to be induced one week prior to my due date. Similar to Binky from Made in Chelsea, the thought of being induced was more appealing to me as I felt I would be in a safe, controlled enviornment but it is also amazing coming close to the end when you know it is going to end a little earlier.

I was brought into Craigavon Area Hospital on Tuesday 20th June and I was given the 24hr pessary at 7pm. This method of induction is slow releasing and should do something within 24 hours. However 18 hours later and I had nothing! 24 hours later the pessary was removed and I hadn’t moved from being 1cm dilated. I was so disappointed as at around 5pm I had been having pains so I thought things were starting to move but unfortunately not! 

At that point we discussed our options. They could attempt to break my waters and administer a drip but it would be very difficult and still may not work. Alternatively, we could look at a c-section. So that is what we did and I was scheduled for 8.30am the following morning.

There is something very surreal about knowing when you are going to have your baby. I was woken around 6am on Thursday 22nd after fasting from midnight. I was given my pre-op drink, got washed and dressed, put on my theatre gown and (very attractive!) stockings and waited on my husband arriving. At 8am we were taken off the ward and into a room to wait on being taken to theatre. It was at this point I met with the midwife, anaethetist and anaethestists nurse who would all be in the theatre with me, cue my major nerves setting in. They went through the paperwork with me and I signed my life away. At this point I was so nervous! After being nothing but excited all morning, fear set in when they started discussing “what could go wrong” and boom… I threw up!

At 8.45am I was taken to theatre and Carl was taken to a waiting room for him to come in when I was prepped and ready for surgery. My spinal block was quickly administered and I was shocked at how pain free it was! When it was completed and I was lying down they pulled up the curtain and I finally felt like I was in One Born Every Minute. Carl was brought in shortly after and I remember we just talked absolute nonsense. 

The entire section experience is very surreal. I remember feeling a mass of different feelings during it from nausea to feeling faint and cold but each time I told the anaethetist he was able to administer medication to take it away. There was zero pain, just feelings of poking and proding.

At 9.22am Baby Annie Hill was born fit and healthy weighing 8lbs 2oz, 50cm in length and she was just perfect. After getting her cleaned her up daddy held her and we couldn’t take our eyes of her. It is definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

My labour definitely didn’t go how I expected it to. I was determined to have a natural labour but when push came to shove Annie was just too high up and it wasn’t meant to be. 
My c-section experience wasn’t bad at all! I was amazed at how pain free it was, probably due to the medication given to me! After being extremely anxious about labour throughout my pregnancy I would go back and do it all again in the morning but don’t tell Carl!


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