My first two weeks as a mum

Little Annie is now two weeks old and I really do not know where the time has went. Mum always said that your life totally changes when a little one arrives and boy was she right! It isn’t all Instagram selfies and cute outfits.

I think I was most shocked about how much things changed when we left the hospital. People always say to stay in for as long as you can and I never really understood why… now I do! Things are a lot different at home. Juggling a newborn, cooking, cleaning, visitors and recovering from a c-section is hectic. Annie was also very unsettled for the first two nights and slept very little. Cue two sleep deprived, exhausted, new parents. 

I tried hard to ignore things going on around me e.g. how messy my house was but resisting the urge to do “too much” is very hard. A couple of days after coming home the pain set in. Up until that point with the medication from the hospital I had had no pain so I knew I had done too much. Cue less cleaning and more resting.

Everyone talks about the “baby blues” and I never thought I would be as emotional as I was when they set in. Day 3-5 after having Annie and I just cried for no reason. Carl had brought me home a bottle of juice from the shop one day and even that set me off! I would cry with exhaustion and two minutes later cry and laugh simultaneously as I knew I was crying for no reason. Thank God they only lasted 3 days.

What I have learnt

  • I have learnt that newborns only cry when they either need their nappy changed, are hungry or need burped. In Annie’s case it is nearly always for a bottle.
  • To listen to my body and not to push it – the cleaning will stay there until my body is ready.
  • My life will never be the same again. I used to spend it shopping, at the gym, working and drinking hot chocolates or cocktails with the girls. Now its washing, ironing, sterilising bottles and being covered in milk but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  • I can survive on 3 hours sleep!

Two weeks later and Annie is thriving! She is back to her pre-birth weight, she has had her newborn photos done, met all her immediate family and godparents and her cord has fallen off! It really has taken me those full two weeks (and my husband going back to work) to get into my own routine with her and my confidence is growing every day. We have loved watching her change almost everyday and we can’t wait for the next two weeks! 

Annie at two weeks old

  • Loves to sleep, poop and be burped.
  • Turns her head when you rub her cheek
  • Loves sleeping in her daddy’s arms
  • Already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
  • Hates the bath and having her clothes off


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