Your hair is 90% of your selfie

12-18 months before your wedding you start your fitness regime right? And around the same time you look into your skin care regime too.. right? So what about your hair?

You spend (quite a bit of) money on your hair colour, wedding trial and then again on the morning of your wedding having yours, your bridesmaids and your mum’s hair done so why not have your hair in the best condition it can be in? You wouldn’t have a spray tan without exfoliating beforehand would you? Or go to a personal trainer and then not carry on your good work at home with diet and exercise? Then why do it with your hair.

Nioxin is a fantastic range of products for those with thinning hair (both men and women) but it is massively helpful for all hair types! The in-salon treatment gently exfoliates the scalp – think facial but for your scalp. This helps remove any build up around your hair follicles allowing your hair to grow through naturally as nothing is blocking the follicle therefore helping your hair to look fuller.

“Why stop washing your face at your hair line? You need to treat the skin on your head in just the same way.”

My consultation started with Robert from the Peter Mark, Arthur Square salon using a consultation tool on my scalp. This magnifies your scalp and the hair follicle so that they can work out which Nioxin system is best for you. Nioxin have a range of systems for different hair types and needs. Using the tool and chatting about my hair Robert found that system number 4 would work best for me.

The process started by applying a Dermabrasion Treatment directly to my scalp when my hair was dry. This is an anti-aging treatment which helps regenerate and revitalise the scalp by exfoliating it. This was massaged on for one minute and then left to work for nine minutes – queue ample amounts of tea, biscuits and magazines, much more relaxing than the gym!

Afterwards my hair was washed as normal using the Nioxin system 4 shampoo and conditioner. These act like a cleanser and toner for the scalp after your exfoliating treatment. I also had the Deep Repair Masque applied to my mid lengths and ends to help condition and smooth my hair.

Who doesn’t love a good blow dry? Robert paired me up with John who gave me the best natural wave to my hair! As someone who has the straightest hair known to man, I know how hard it is to keep even a wave in my hair but I couldn’t believe how easily he got it to wave! Peter Mark are known for their hair care and not using products which will damage the hair so the fact that curlers/straighteners weren’t used to give me that wave amazes me. John has created bridal hair all over the country – he knew about wedding venues I had never even heard of so if you are needing your wedding day hair ladies he may be your man!

To keep the benefits of the treatment you need to continue your hair care routine at home, just like your skincare and fitness regimes, and the guys in Peter Mark will be able to direct you to which products you should be using at home. I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they are!

I love going to the Peter Mark salon and meeting with the stylists because everytime I leave I come away knowing more about my own hair and hair in general! The training they receive is world-renowned and it’s evident. The Nioxin products can be used as little as 30 days before your wedding day but of course the longer before the wedding you start it the better results you will see! Whether its for your wedding day, looking after your hair while you are pregnant or maybe you just want your hair to be at its best potential then I would highly recommend this treatment and the Belfast Peter Mark store! I’m even booked in for a few weeks time!


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