Maternity clothing? Maternity hell!

I don’t think I ever realised how pathetic the majority of maternity clothing ranges are. Seriously. Then again, I’ve never been pregnant before so I’ve never really had to look.

After maxing out the length of time that I could get away with the “elastic band in your jeans trick” I was faced with having to take the plunge and buy maternity wear. Sounds easier than it actually is. Honestly, you can pick up two of the same size maternity jeans and both will fit you completely differently! The tops are definitely not flattering nor “stylish” and the dresses can make you look like a tent.

After raiding Zara, I was able to pick up these dresses in a size bigger and so far so good. They are perfect for work and very, very comfy.

Jeans however took a lot more work! Eventually I was able to pick up two pairs in H&M and they are so comfortable!


I’m still seriously struggling with tops and sticking to non-maternity lines that are longer in the body. I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have found any nice pieces/maternity lines let me know!!


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