26 weeks pregnant

I always wanted to blog throughout my pregnancy. After sharing our fertility journey I always thought about how amazing it would be to share my pregnancy journey. That was until I found out I was pregnant. Between fear for something terrible happening, empathy for those still on their fertility journey and horrific sickness, blogging about being pregnant definitely fell to the wayside but thats all about to change!

I imagined pregnancy to be trips to the coffee shop with the girls, nights out for dinner instead of cocktails, picking beautiful and tiny clothes with my husband, pregnancy yoga with “earthy mums-to-be” and an amazingly healthy diet and fitness regime to help grow and nurture my little one. How wrong was I. 26 weeks in and I have spent most of it over the toilet bowl. Seriously though, my toilet has never been so clean because I’ve never seen so much of it.

On a good day I only wretch but don’t throw up, on a bad day I could throw up ten times. There have been very few trips to the coffee shop and there will probably be a lot less since I projectile vomited (I kid you not!) after my hot chocolate on Tuesday night. Dinner’s a no-no because I’ve been left eating children’s portions, dying of heartburn and playing the “will she won’t she make it out the front of the restaurant before throwing up” game. My husband has banned me from Mamas and Papas because we may need to take out a loan every time I leave it, I can’t stand the thought of “earthy mums” talking about biodegradable nappies and organic food in fact I’ve lost patience altogether. Diet? Fitness? What’s that?! I’ve been living off jambons and coke zero for pretty much the past 23 weeks. Although bacon baps are becoming a close second favourite.

That being said. I have finally felt Baby Hill for the first time. When they say it feels like flutters they aren’t wrong. Blink and you could miss it, but it is the most amazing feeling. Everyday it gets stronger and now I can’t miss those kicks to my bladder. I can’t wait for each scan and we treat every one like a big celebration and head out for dinner after, probably because to us seeing our little one is a celebration every time. I feel massively blessed to have this little miracle every single day, vomit or no vomit, and I can’t wait to meet them.

Roll on June 28th!


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