Make Up Artists in Northern Ireland

Trusting your face to someone on your Wedding Day is no minor detail – as much as your husband-to-be may think that it is (Carl couldn’t understand why I just wasn’t doing my own!). So choosing someone, takes time & often a little money. It is massively important that you get a trial before your big day to ensure that the MUA you choose creates a look which you are happy with but that also suits the overall look you have created for your Wedding Day. After all, for how many years are you going to look back on these photographs?

With this being said, there are many, many talented make up artists  (MUA’s) in Northern Ireland. Each will have a different style so its important that you take the time to look through their previous weddings and make the most of your trial. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to have a hair and make up trial on a day you will be trying on your dress. You don’t want what you are going to look like to be a surprise on your Wedding Day.

With all that being said her are a few wedding MUA’s based in NI that I am a fan off.


  1. Jennifer Ireland.

Jennifer only takes one booking per day so you know when you entrust her, that you will have her undivided attention for the morning of your wedding. She always has the most beautiful brides and I am forever creeping on her Facebook page!

078 8096 6574

2. Lauren Rowan

If you haven’t heard of Lauren Rowan, then honestly I don’t know where you have been for the last few years. Lauren is amazingly talented, and since becoming a MUA and HD Brow specialist, she has ventured into opening her own make up school.,

028 9048 2000

3. Paddy McGurgan

For me, Paddy McGurgan & his Pro Store team are like the original MUA’s in Belfast. This team know exactly what they are doing and have it down to a fine art.

028 9043 4007

4. Louise Jones

Louise completed the make up for my first ever photoshoot and I was immediately in love. We had talked about what the overall look was for the shoot and she just ran with it & nailed it!

078 4187 1171

Have you anyone else you would recommend?


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