Champagne Lifestyle on Coca Cola Wages

Saving for a Wedding but still trying to maintain any form of a reasonable lifestyle is not fun! Especially if your friends aren’t saving and they still insist on their weekly night out and three weekly nail appointment. Meanwhile you are counting every penny, be it for your new house, hen party, honeymoon or Wedding Day. I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt… it isn’t fun! However, having a life and saving simultaneously is possible!

Carl and I are saving non-stop at the minute to build our first home but the thought of not getting another break until Christmas is slightly depressing, so this week I went on a mission to find a trip away that I could justify whilst saving and I booked two!

Top tip number one. Sky Scanner is your new best friend.

The first trip we booked was to Alicante. My family were already heading out in September so Carl and I sneakily booked on to gatecrash them. To get to where they are staying I googled it and found we could fly to Alicante or Murcia as both were the same distance to the apartment. We tried from both Belfast and Dublin and got our flights return for £84! (See similar below). As we have been there before, we know that the taxi journey to and from the airport is £80 return and with family staying in the villa and us tagging along the accommodation is costing £0! 


Total cost? £164 for a week in the sun! See you in two weeks Alicante!

The second trip we booked was London for some Christmas shopping (don’t hate me for mentioning Christmas!). Back to Skyscanner and we got return flights for £36 flying from Belfast to Stansted (see similar below). The flights to London fluctuate so much so make sure you watch them. We have got them for£25 return before (bargain!). We always stay in the St Giles when we go to London. The hotel is in the best location being just of Oxford St & Tottenham Court tube stations is right outside – really handy you want to do some sightseeing. For £100 each for two nights its really inexpensive and a bargain. However, if you wanted something fancier, watch ut on Travel Zoo & Secret Escapes as they always have really good London deals. The Stansted Express is really handy for jumping on from the airport and it was only £30 each. 

Total cost? £76 each for a weekend break. Christmas shopping is organised!

It’s so important to not let your saving take over your life and if you are anything like me you watch bloggers have the most amazing holidays and wish it was you. Saving & living isn’t impossible! 



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