Getting back to basics…..

We all know how easy it is to fall off the bandwagon and how much harder it is to jump back on it again. I have been so busy this summer, as it was my first as a Wedding Planner and it has been hard trying to juggle the other aspects of life something I think all brides can relate to in the run up to their big day. As things calm down this week, I am counting my blessings and going back to basics. I am an avid lover of Joanne Larby aka The Make Up Fairy and even more at her determination and her results! On Snap Chat this week she said how she writes down weekly goals she wants to accomplish… so here goes! 

 Joanne Larby aka The Make Up Fairy

I always say to the brides I work with, that a wedding is massive and can be extremely overwhelming when you look at it as one big day, so break it down. Personally, I am going to set myself a few weekly goals that I want to accomplish each day this week. For you, these can be lifestyle, fitness, wedding goals or maybe a little mixture of both, that you want to achieve this week. 

 So this week, lets take a different take on things. Lets calm down, breath, reach our goals and go right back to basics, enjoying the last of the beautiful Summer weather.


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