Time to get my Wedding body back! Quiche recipe πŸ³

After starting back with Allan Davison last week and getting my measurements, wright & body fat measured we discovered I had two stone on from my wedding! TWO STONE! When they say you get “comfortable” after the wedding, they obviously weren’t wrong. I know, from having PT sessions with Allan before, not to listen to the scales and to pay attention to my body fat & measurements. I followed his guidance before and it paid off so I’m doing the same again this time!

My diet is woeful! So as well as the PT sessions I know I need to work very hard on what I’m eating and Allan is helping me re-learn everything. At each meal I am to have three things; protein, carbs & fats. Around a fist size portion of protein, scooped hand portion of carbs & only a thumb sized amount of fats. Easy? 😳

So with that in mind I’m getting food prepared today as I know over the holidays it will be way too tempting to nip out and grab a take out or head out for dinner. Normally though, I’ll probably just put on extra ingredients at dinner so that I can keep the extra for lunches the following day (another one of Allan’s tips!).

First up today was my Quiche. I absolutely love quiche & it is the easiest way for me to eat veg as I’m definitely not a veg person! Yes, I know the pastry is bad but it’s a low fat version and I don’t think I can drastically cut my carbs right down at the minute after being so unhealthy for so long!

Let me know what you think of this if you try it!


🍳 6 eggs

🍳 Low fat shortcrust pastry

🍳 8 bacon medallions

🍳 4 cherry tomatoes

🍳 handful of spinach 

🍳 handful of mozzarella 

🍳  dash of milk

1. Spritz your oven proof dish with low cal olive oil. 

 2. Line your dish with the shortcrust pastry leaving a little extra around the sides. Stab it a few times with a fork and cover this in grease proof paper. Put something heavy on top and pop it in the oven for around 20 mins (I used the oven proof peas).  

 3. While the pastry is in the oven dry off your bacon and cut into your desired size.

4. Whisk the eggs and add in salt, pepper and milk. Cut your tomatoes and spinach.

5. When the pastry is ready line the dish with the bacon, tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella. 

6. Pop it in the oven for around 20-25 mins or until a knife comes out clean.




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