5 Honeymoons That Won’t Break the Bank

1. London 

 London is one of my all time favourite locations to visit. No matter how many times you visit this amazing, historical city you find something different to do. From Camden to the West End, Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park you could spend two weeks and never get to fit it all in. Fit return flights from Belfast for only £20 each you are sure to find a bargain honeymoon.

2. Marrakech, Morroco 

Marrakech is one of four imperial cities in Morocco and with the medina (kinda of like busy markets) it’s one of the busiest cities in Africa. Marrakech is perfect for a cultural city break if you and your partner are interested in trying new food and learning about other cultures.

3. Mediterranean Cruise 

For my honeymoon, I did a Carribean cruise with Royal Carribean and absolutely loved it! I don’t think you can understand how big the ships are until you have actually been on one – they literally are floating cities. The benefit with a cruise is that everything can be all inclusive, so if money is a little tight coming up to your wedding it’s ok, it’s already paid for. You can also see many cities and locations on your stop overs – perfect for some sightseeing.

4. Sorrento, Italy 

Sorrento is a coastal city in South West Italy. Perched amid cliff tops, they make it the picturesque location it is. With narrow alley ways, a cafe-lined square and marina there is plenty to do and even more to look at.

5. Paris, France 

 We are all familiar with the traditional Parisian images but there is so much more to Paris. The cultural city is perfectly situated that you can incorporate many city hops to your honeymoon making it an inexpensive base for travelling through Europe.


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