Ultimate Hen Party Locations

Let’s be honest girls. We love an excuse for a girly weekend away without the boys. So what better an excuse than your friends Hen Party. Bridesmaids, take note, Hen Parties abroad are the best!

1. Marbella

If I have learn’t anything from following So Sue Me, it’s that Marbella is the ultimate in a classy, sunshine break. From the Champagne Spray Party at Ocean Beach to the amazing bodies in one piece swimsuits with perfectly executed beach waves and contour. Marbella is the ultimate glam hen location. 

 2. London

London is one of those all-round people pleasers. Going away with a group of girls can be troublesome if there are some big personalities so for that reason it’s good to have a plan in place for what you are going to do during your trip. From sightseeing to shopping, theatre shows to the opera. You are bound to have plenty to do as a group!   

   3. Dublin

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love Dublin. Granted, we know it can be expensive, realistically you could be abroad for a few days for the same price. However, you can spend the night in some of the most beautiful hotels in Europe and the craic is always ninety! 

 4. Ibiza

The ultimate party destination is perfect for any hen weekend! Getting a group of girls together and hitting the beach or West End in Ibiza is always going to result in a buzzing Hen Party. If you and the girls love dance music or just enjoy watching the sunset in the likes of Cafe Mambo, then Ibiza is the hen party location for you.  

5. New York

If you want to go OTT (and we love a little OTT) then New York is definitely the ultimate Hen Party location. With an abundance of shops, Broadway, celeb spotting and amazing food you could have the busiest time enjoying the last few days with your girls as a single woman!  



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