My Top 6 Favourite Snap Chatters

I am obsessed with Snap Chat. I love that it lets you get to know someone or a business on a more personal level. 

I think we all use it to let followers get to know us as a person rather than what our job etc may be. I love that followers feel more able to ask me a question on it than if they are asking it publicly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I have been a little quiet on Snap Chat recently – as its wedding season there is little going on in the world of wedding events so it is definitely more of my life on their at the minute. From renovating my home to building my first home, cooking and baking, fitness and make up you are guaranteed a big variation of snaps reflecting my own life and day to day goings on. If you want to follow me it’s @thebelfastbride. 

 Those that I follow on Snap Chat are just as varied as the snaps I put up. For that reason, here are my Top Six Snap Chatters.

1. Lydia Millen

Lydia is a beauty and fashion blogger based in the UK. I absolutely love her style and always click on her snaps first. She has a beautiful home, goes on amazing holidays and shares her “big” purchases! 


2. McElhinneys Bridal Rooms

From New York Bridal Fashion Week to their new collections, McElhinneys Snap Chat showcases their amazing collections & makes me so jealous that I do not work for them! Perfect for any bride considering her wedding dress. 


3. So Sue Me

Suzanne Jackson is my ultimate girl crush. Dylan (her BF) recently proposed in the Maldives so Sue is just beginning her wedding planning journey. As a blogger, she features her favourite fashion & beauty products including her own So Su range as well as her fab holidays. 


4. Spoilt Belle Boutique

Spoilt Belle Boutique is based in Magherafelt. I first heard of the boutique at Belfast Fashion Week and I am now obsessed and have travelled up a few times for outfits. The girls are a lot of fun so as well as seeing some fab outfits, including the Olivia Burton watches, you also get a giggle.  


5. The Body Coach

If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks then you must have been living under a stone the past year. Joe initially started posting pictures of his own food online as a PT and now has a best selling book and another due to launch in a few days! He is the ultimate fitness encouragement #winnersocclock #midgettrees 


6. Rosie Connolly

Hearts, Heels and Handbags blogger Rosie is the ultimate MILF. She regularly features her day to day goings on as mummy to Harry as well as being a fiancΓ©e, MUA & all round stylish babe!


Who are your favourite Snap Chatters?! 

Jenna x


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