Building our dream home: Part One

Ok, so let’s go right back to the beginning. I always new I would build my “dream home” when I was younger and my dad and I had always planned it and talked about it. However, I don’t think I realised then how un-idyllic the whole process actually is.

When we first got engaged we never even thought about starting the process. We were lucky enough to already have a home to live in rent free so we wanted to make the most of it as well as that I was completing a Masters at the time so there was definitely enough going on. Hats of to anyone building & planning their wedding at the minute. Seriously, planning a wedding isn’t nearly as stressful as building.

 Carl & I decided to start the whole process around a year ago and to just take it slow but we are still no further on, so if you are just starting to think or consider building my big tip is to definitely have patience (I have none of it).

The first big thing was to choose where exactly we were going to have our site. Depending on what your basis is for building you may have choice but you may not. I researched lots of different architects but decided to go with 2020 Architects. I had followed them on Pinterest and Facebook for a while and after seeing Michael on Grand Designs building his dream home I thought “yeah he gets it” so we decided to go with them.

Richie came out initially for a free consultation. Carl, Dad and I showed him the site and he was immediately able to tell me where I could & couldn’t build. We discussed lane ways and all the little bits (or so I thought they were little) that we had never even thought of.

We submitted our outline planning after only a couple of weeks talking with Richie at the beginning of November. I loved their no-nonsense attitude, they really just get the job done.

I kept checking the online planning portal and checking in with Dorothy from 2020 Architects, on how planning was going. I knew it was a lengthy process but I think I was always afraid it would get rejected so I tortured her for any changes (sorry Dorothy!). We finally got word our outline planning had been passed in April and of course I was buzzing!

Next stop was designing our dream home so I will get writing and fill you all in next week. I’d love to hear all about your own building experiences so please feel free to like & share.


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