Did you count skin preparation into your Wedding budget?

Did you count skin preparation into your wedding budget? Just because something isn’t physically present on your big day doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t incorporate it into your plan and budget your finances towards it.

In preparation for my wedding I had regular facials to ensure my skin was top notch on the day. Although we can spend a great deal of time and money on make up artist trails, it’s important to realise that your skin needs to be healthy to show of that fantastic make up. It also means you will have beautiful skin on your honeymoon if you are going to fly off shortly after the big day.

So, here our my top tips for happy, healthy skin on your wedding day.


Drinking plenty of water is key to healthy skin. Drinking 2+ litres of water per day will ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing.


Choosing the wrong products for your skin will mean that you aren’t targeting any problems that you may have. Have your skin checked by a beautician who can identify your skins condition and what products you should be using – Skin Medi Spa is a fabulous salon based in Belfast who would be perfect for this.


Following up your new skin care regime with visits to your local beautician will help to intensify treated and hydrating your skin. Clinic or beauticians products can often be more intense and they may even use products you cannot buy on the highstreet. This also gives the professional a chance to monitor any improvements and monitor changes in the skin.


Treating your skin once or twice a week isn’t enough. This is a longer process which needs continuity therefore you need to be spending time looking after your skin. I always focus on my cleanser, toner and day moisturiser in the AM and cleanser, toner, face mask (every other day or every three) and night moisturiser in the PM.


Beauty products don’t need to cost a fortune so if you are on a budget don’t stress. We have some fantastic high street brands and most beauty counters will encourage you to try a sample at home before spending money on a huge bottle.


Monitor your progress with before and after pictures. It can often become a little repetitive doing the same thing day in and out and you can think it’s all pointless and see no change so keep a before and after pic so you can keep up-to-date.


Take your make up off every night. No excuses. So Sue Me recommended leaving face wipes by your bed so that at least if you are feeling too lazy to cleanse, tone and moisturise then you can strip of the make up. 

  Face mask time is the perfect selfie time πŸ™ˆ

A weekly or twice weekly mask is super for your skin. I alternate between a few of my favourites depending on how my skin is. If I feel I need a little hydration I go for the LancΓ΄me Hydra Intense otherwise it could be a highstreet brand or the EstΓ©e Lauder Revitalising Supreme.

I have posted a picture of the products below which I have just began using. I haven’t tried LancΓ΄me before but I am loving their Hydra Intense mask. What are your favourite products? 



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