Wedding Planner vs Wedding Venue Co-Ordinator

I get asked this question a lot and many couples do not realise that Wedding Planners and Venue Wedding Co-ordinators are entirely different.

The main difference between the two is that as your Wedding Planner, I work directly for you. A Venue Wedding Co-ordinator works for the venue. We both invest a great deal of time and interest into your big day but mine is for your entire Wedding Planning whilst the Venue Wedding Co-ordinators is to ensure that the meal is served on time, the venue routine flows smoothly and suppliers adhere to the venues rules.
As your Wedding Planner, I can be on hand from the minute you say “I Will.” This is perfect for couples who are hugely busy with work or young children, who are confused and lost by the process or just want the reassurance of having a Planner with experience in the industry. 

 It’s a misunderstood pre-conception that Wedding Planners are a huge expense – we aren’t! In the scheme of Weddings we can actually be substantially cheaper than our counterparts yet spend the longest amount of time working on and at your big day. As we do not work of a set list of “recommended” suppliers, like your venue, we are actually able to source the “best of the best” at the best price.

A Wedding Planner can become involved from the get go to assist in design schemes, venue choosings or we can come in right until two weeks before the Wedding to assist the Bride and Groom in the smooth running of their day. From timelines to emergency kits, we have it covered. This is perfect to take the stress away from you to allow you to enjoy your day. Wedding Venue Co-ordinators are usually there on your first look around the venue and work with you in paying for your day. You often do not see them again until around two weeks before the wedding for final arrangements – something a planner can step in and do for you. 



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