Getting Hair Ready

I’m naturally a brunette so for me it was important to go back to my roots for my wedding day. As a little girl I always picture my white wedding dress with a tan and brown locks so after getting engaged I quickly began the process of darkening my hair. Almost two years later and I’m at the start of reversing that journey. 

 My hair had been very damaged from over processing when I was blonde. So going back to my roots helped to condition it and bring it back to life. I began having regular hair treatments and using home hair care products to help revive it to make sure it was thick, long and shiny for my big day.

We can sometimes forget about ourselves in the run up to the wedding and how we want to look. We picture our dress, hairstyle and make up but not actually about getting our hair and skin into the best condition.

To begin the process of going blonde again I’ve been using some home and salon treatments to help condition my hair for the harsh bleach that will be used to lighten it so I thought I would share them with you all to help your hair for your big day.

1. Nioxin Micro Dermabrasion Treatment

Peter Mark in Newry kindly offered me this treatment complimentary when I worked with them a few weeks back at The Quays Wedding Fayre. The treatment is basically a facial for the scalp. It cleans and removes any impurities in and around the scalp and follicle to ensure that new hair will grow through fuller and stronger, reducing breakage and adding vitality and volume. Ultimately leaving the scalp feeling completely refreshed.  

After having the treatment in the Peter Mark salon, they also sent me home with the home hair care products; Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and a scap spray. I have noticed my hair has appeared thicker already and I am having less breakage. It also has a beautiful shine that I haven’t had in a while. 

 2. Kardashian Dry Oil

I totally jumped on the band wagon when this came out. It is definitely more expensive than some other highstreet products but I am obsessed with the Kardashians so I had to try their products. I was so surprised at the quality! The quality is somewhere between high street and salon products and I love the difference it’s making to my ends. I apply it most nights while I sleep and then again in the morning when my hair is wet. I also add it to any treatments I apply to my hair. It’s sulphate free to so perfect if you are wearing extentions. A dry oil is a must for glowing hair and their is such a variety on the market now. 

 3. Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner

The Aussie range is πŸ‘Œ and I don’t think I’d ever use another high street range than it. From the smell to the way it makes my hair feel it’s is unbelievable!

4. Heat Protection Spray

At the minute I love the Tresemme heat protection spray although I wouldn’t be as dying about it as the other products. I haven’t found one that I am totally in love with but I know that I need it as I blow dry and straighten my hair every other day! As soon as I find one I love I’ll keep you all posted!

I think a fantastic hairdresser is a must for any dramatic colour change or just to get your hair in tip top condition. Peter Mark in Newry have been absolutely fantastic with helping me. They are knowledgable in their field and have been able to advise me on which products are the best for my hair type so definitely check them out. 


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