Who Did I Use: The Photographer

Picking my photographer was easy. Honestly. In the era of social media (particularly Instagram!) you can very easily see which photographer has the still you want to go for.

I was blessed to meet Andrea from Angel Photography at a wedding show and we hit it of straight away. Although I had previously spoken to a few other photographers and had consultations with them, I didn’t feel as comfortable with any as what I did with Andrea. 

 After first meeting her I trawled through her Facebook page and just loved her previous weddings. Things were made even better when we had our engagement shoot. The whole thing was so natural and Carl and I just had so much craic throughout it – we almost forgot Andrea was there. This put me more at ease as I knew my dad hated photos. 

 On the day Andrea was a dream. We only spent around 90 mins away from our guests getting photos, the rest were totally natural, just how we wanted them. We worked with Andrea before the day to establish which photos were must haves so on the day when she wasn’t with us she made sure to nab those shots. Our guests loved her so much some even booked Andrea for family photos. 

If you are still looking for a photographer definitely check out Angel Photography. You will not be disappointed ๐Ÿ˜. 



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