How Important is it to Have a Plan?

I cannot stress this enough… do not go into planning your wedding blind. If you aren’t employing a Wedding Planner, then it’s time to get a plan in place.

I will never forget after shortly being engaged and having my engagement party I went to one of the bigger wedding shows… I came out gurning! I have never been so overwhelmed and panicked! Wedding vendors were talking 1000s+ about stuff I had absolutely no clue about and all of a sudden my dream wedding became a blur. 

 In Northern Ireland and Ireland, we are blessed to have some absolutely amazing vendors. From photographers to photobooths, light up letters to  wedding cars sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, who to trust and even what style you want your day to have.

The most important part of it all is to have a plan. Sit down with your other half and list the following:

  • Your 5 non-negotiables- things you wouldn’t get married without
  • What style you want your big day to be
  • Your overall budget
  • Your timeline

Budgeting & Non-Negotiables

Done? Ok now split your budget amongst your non-negotiables, the remaining goes to everything else. This is were you sometimes need to reign him in as well. No, spending 10k on a poker table and chips is not acceptable nor a good use of your budget. If you aren’t sure how much to budget, then get in touch and I’ll be happy to help! 


Now that your budget is set and your theme is picked you have more information to tackle a wedding show. Look up your ideas, Pinterest is now your best friends. Get a secret pin board and keep it to yourself. Then when you have found your vendors, you can show them your ideas.


Sticking to your timeline is hard enough. Sometimes life just gets in the way but it’s important not to get too distracted. Make sure 4-6 months before the big day you have all of your vendors. For most this is even too short notice as they can book up two years in advance, so this is definitely to be taken as a minimum! 

 By planning the three most important aspects of your wedding, your budget, style and timeline, you will always have something to work off. These are your basics and certainly won’t plan your wedding for you but they will make sure you know your stuff and have a plan for attack!


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