Semi-Permanent Eye Lashes vs Strip Lashes

Ok so it isn’t the ultimate question in the fore front of your mind for your wedding day but it’s still big (enough).

Ultimately for me, this question comes down to style. Your style and the style of your big day.


False lashes are the easiest of the two, the least maintenance but the most false looking. Now that isn’t a bad thing and they were the option I went for on my big day. False lashes are beneficially as they provide a definite lash line and can enhance your eye make up in comparison to semi-permanent lashes. They are also the cheapest and can cost only around Β£5 extra on top of your MUA fees. 


Semi-permanent lashes are extensions which are bonded on to ones on eyelashes using glue. They are removed either by a beautician or when your own eyelashes fall out naturally (around 60-90 days). Unfortunately though people tend to pick them off or if the glue isn’t strong they can fall of or pull out your own lashes – hence its very important to make sure someone professional is completing the treatment.

Semi-permanent lashes are more natural looking as they are attached to your own lashes and merely fill out your own lashes – perfect for someone aiming for a more natural look. It’s best to have these done a few days before your wedding and they range from Β£40+ depending on professionalism but remember, you get what you pay for. 

With that in mind, what are your preferences?


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