A Wedding Planner’s Tips

When it comes to planning a wedding, people are always quick to throw in their 10 cents. “Don’t try dresses on in there” “She’s too cheap, she musnt be good” “We didn’t like her but we preferred him.” Sometimes it can be utterly overwhelming and impossible to listen to everyone so here are some of my top tips to reduce stress, keep calm and have the best wedding.  

  1. Remember what it is all about

Sometimes the wedding planning process can be very overwhelming. As the cost stacks up, things may go wrong or the nerves may set in so remember to keep calm. If this happens set a date aside to spend time with your other half and remember why you got engaged in the first place.

2. The best day doesn’t have to be the biggest or most expensive

More and more brides contact me regarding have more intimate weddings and I love them! It gives the bride and groom more time to spend with their guests and enjoy the day together rather than making your way around everyone. 

 3. Stop trying to impress

Remember, if you lik your flowers, it doesn’t matter what Great Aunt Martha thinks. In the lead up to my own wedding my husband must have said to me daily “Will you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks!” and it’s so true. As long as you both have the day you’ve dreamt of then never worry about anyone else. 

 4. Get a budget and stick to itNow I am not a party pooper but if anything is going to cause an argument it’s paying off your big day after you’ve gotten married. I tell all the brides I work with to stick to their budgets and be ruthless. By all means include a 10/20% contingency but do not leave yourselves in debt. 

 5. Remember the little things

I was determined I would have the spandex style chair covers on my big day and threw the biggest strop when I couldn’t find the ones I liked. After finally getting them (and torturing my husband) on my big day it turns out the decorative company put on the wrong chair covers. It wasn’t until the next day that I realised. No one else cared about the chair covers but loved or quirky extras like our baby photo table numbers. Don’t be a psycho bride about the things that really don’t matter – if you need any advice on this I’m definitely the one to ask!

6. Get a Wedding Planner

If you need advice or guidance, don’t have the time to plan your big day or would just like the comfort of knowing someone is there to sort any dilemmas on the day then hire a Wedding Planner/Co-Ordinator – like me! 

For more advice and guidance check out Facebook, the website and  Instagram. As well as Snap Chat (TheBelfastBride).


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