Ten Wedding Pitfalls not to fall for

  It’s very easy to get carried away when you get engaged! It’s such an exciting time and so many bride-to-be’s just want to jump in and start planning but stop, breathe and take note. 

There are so many traditional pitfall’s that catch brides out each year. So to give you a helping hand I thought I’d tell you about some of the mistakes I’ve been told about (or even experienced!).

1. Be consistent with your plus one policy

People automatically assume they will be given a plus one to your wedding so remember, if you give one person a +1, who have to give all singleton’s a +1. Weddings are known for causing offence, and most often the easily offended are the older generation and those guests that are still single. The last thing you want is an argument before your big day.

2. Read your contracts and keep receipts

It sounds boring but a signed contract in relation to your wedding is the same as any other. It’s legal binding, so know what your signing. The same goes for paying. Make sure to keep all your receipts to prove you have paid. More often than not brides have come to me  saying they have paid cash or something and now have no proof so think ahead!

3. Don’t pick the bridal party too quickly

Things change, life moves on and if you pick a friend to be in your bridal party that was your best friend at your engagement but now that you’ve turned into Bridezilla isn’t your best friend anymore your going to be raging when she is in your wedding photos.. forever! 

 4. Don’t start dress shopping too early

I did it and fell hook, line and sinker! I bought my dress too early and 9 months before the big day ended up buying a second dress! Remember it takes around 6-9 months for a dress to be ordered and arrive, so aim to start 12 months before the big day.

5. Check your postage

Yep, fell for this one too. Make sure to take your invitations to the post office and be charged the proper postage. Wedding invitations can often be slightly heavier so a 1st class stamp won’t do!

6. Mind your heel height

When ordering your dress take into consideration how high you want your heels. If you know you want 6 inch heels make sure to order extra length! 

 7. Try everything

From your food, to yor make up try, try, try! This way there will be no nasty surprises on the big day.

8. Don’t invite people to the bridal shower and not the wedding.

There is nothing worse than inviting people to your hen or engagement party and then when you don’t invite them to the big day they are left offended. Think clearly about who you invite to everything and plan ahead.

9. Don’t get overwhelmed or distracted by Pinterest

Pinterest is amazing but it can also be a curse! We can plan our ideal, dreamy, beach wedding on it but when it comes to actioning it, it probably isn’t feasible! Price everything and take notes. If you still want it 6-8 weeks after first seeing it, then do it.

10. Stick to the budget!

Get a wedding planner or organiser, total what you can afford on each area and stick to it (+10% of course, we are only human!). Budgets can be a downer but you will thank me when you aren’t heading on honeymoon ยฃ10k in debt! 



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