One of those days

Do you ever just have “one of those days?” Well today, that day is in full swing for me. Yano one of those days when you feel like the whole world is against you and nothing is going right?!

Anytime anything goes wrong I’ve always written everything down. Bit odd? Yes, but mum told me to do it once and it always helped to clear my mind when I felt it was going to explode. So here goes. This is why I’m having “one of those days.”

  • I had to come home from work sick and now I’ll have so, so much to do tomorrow. Plus I feel like a major let down abandoning everyone. Reality is they were probably glad I took off so they didn’t have to listen to my moaning and tomorrow I’ll have no more to do than usual.
  • I’m sick. The world is crumbling down around me. What if I’m sick for weeks or over Christmas? Reality is I have a sore throat. Grow up Jenna!
  • Because I was sick I had to cancel my Specsavers appointment and now I can’t get one for another two weeks! TWO WEEKS! Seriously sort it out Specsavers! Reality, stop being a Psycho Jenna it’s only a contact lens check.
  • I haven’t seen my friends in years and now our plans for next week are cancelled. We are the worst friends ever, why are we all drifting apart as we grow older. Reality is I seen them on Sunday and we’re skint. That’s life.
  • My husband has asked me three times what I want for dinner. Honestly if I didn’t know the first time I’m not going to know the third. Make a decision man! Reality is the poor boy is probably afraid to decide because I’m in psycho Jenna mode.
  • I’m too hot. I’m too cold. Why don’t we have a house built yet, I hate this cottage. Reality is I’m lying in front of the fire with my duvet of course I’m hot.
  • Carls getting us pizza for dinner. That’s the second night this week and I’ve only done one spin class this week. I’m going to be the size of a house! I’ll have to eat lettuce for the rest of the week with a side of Avocado (boke!). Reality, wise up Jenna it’s a pizza and it’s Christmas! You’ll devour a box of celebrations to yourself on Christmas Day!

Reality is, it’s not one of those days at all. It’s totally in my head because I don’t feel well. I am officially in psycho Jenna mode. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

So now I’m off to shout at my husband who still isn’t back with my pizza (that I didn’t originally want but now I do!). 

Happy Thursday everyone! 



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